1. Xarchiiii

    Its possible bypass a SS with USB METHOD?

    i remember i saw something into the forum about bypass with usb, buti really dont remember ab it. if u have a method for bypass, lmk
  2. L

    "clicker" mode for scaffolding for screensharing (vape lite)

    Vape edition: Vape Lite Suggestion Description: Add a "clicker" mode for scaffold (vape lite), similar to the one in rightclicker, so it presses the sneak key so it can show up in the hud when the player is crouching. Important for screensharing or recording. Video Reference (Not required):
  3. R

    Opinions on Screensharing?

  4. N

    does ANYONE know any tips for bypassing screenshare with lite?

    ive asked for support and they told me to check forums but when i came to checked everything is outdated and shit no one is giving tutorials and i also heard shift deleting will get you caught and echo apparently detecting lite???? idk i just want some tips or if you guys have a unique method...
  5. Creator

    How to bypass Screenshares with Vape lite?

    Hey, can anyone guide me on how to bypass screenshares with vape lite?
  6. E

    How to run a PDF file as an exe, and is it possible?

    Title @Alexx please add me on discord if you can help with this, I've spent 60$ on Vape Lite basically investing it so I can win tournaments and Bypass Screenshares, I won a tournament followed your 2021 Guide, and Paladin found executed and deleted files, I am using a Fat32 USB with 8GB.
  7. A

    Vape Lite Seen With Discord Screen Share

    A Note to Moderators: This is not reporting an issue, as I've already reported it through, but received no response, so I decided to make buyers aware of the issue, and a fix I have made, not so that they will feel malice against Vape, but rather so they can stay protected...
  8. 5

    How to bypass SS(vape lite, wrks with all versions, detection methods)

    (BEFORE SS) step 1:have vape lite renamed to a program files exe or a system file exe step 2:enter icognito and be ready to temp disable your account. WHEN YOU GET FROZEN step 3:Delete vape lite by shift deleting the file step 4:put the original file your vape lite was renamed to back to it's...
  9. Matthias

    Bypass ss.

    I dont have the money for vape lite and I only have vape v4. Is there any way to hide vape v4 in a ss? I know its not ss proof, but is there any way that makes it harder to find or something like that?
  10. Z

    How do i hide my vpn

    so basically i play on servers that they do not allow vpn on and i have to somehow hide it when i get ss'ed i have pia pls help
  11. sour

    Vape Lite Suggestion

    Suggestion to add NoFall to Vape Lite for HCF players, I could only see this not being added as it may not follow under Vape Lite's listings for being Undetected and Screenshare Proof. Possible reasons for not adding it would be if it left behind strings preventing it from being found in a...
  12. Alexx

    Screenshare Bypass Guide 2021

    Hello, This guide is made to completely bypass all ss tools (MUST USE VAPE LITE), and will show you how to delete the file without it being picked up by avenge or echo. Step 1. Downloading vape lite The first step to downloading vape lite is to make sure that you are using incognito mode on...
  13. N

    New method of finding Vape in SS?

    Hello all, I was recently watching a video by Headed, and he showed off a new method of screen sharing. He was able to see sites visited in chrome private tabs and see vape being opened. I am concerned by the ability to do such things. Is their a way that I can render this unsuccessful? Thanks Vid:
  14. Htl

    Some questions about Vape lite & Settings

    Hello, I have some questions and I would like to get answers First of all I would like to know if we could bypass screenshares if vape lite was injected in lunar or in badlion (and not in forge). My second question was to know what autoclicker settings you recommend for mmc(no logs). Finally...
  15. A

    Why is so garbadge?

    I was getting ssed on this small server that was actually pretty fun. I was using vape lite the other day and caught it. I decided to play legit on that server today, and I got ssed by the same dude. For some reason, echo claimed how I had drip lite on my pc, and how I shift deleted and...
  16. Ernest29

    Injecting Vape Lite Into BLC

    I've heard that this means vape can be found in screenshares but I've never seen how? How can vape get found in ss while injected in BLC and not in forge?
  17. P

    How do i bypass security alert bans

    is there anyway to bypass them it is so annoying and if there is anyway to fix is please tell me.
  18. S

    What is the best way to hide Vape V4

    I currently don't have money for Vape Lite so can you give me some tips on how to bypass screenshares on Vape V4, and some things i should be aware of?
  19. RotBlauHase

    Ingame Clicksounds

    I think it would be helpful, if you turn autoClicker one, it should play matching clickingsounds
  20. W

    Is vape liete really SS proof?

    As i said in the title, am i 100% dure i will bypass every SS with vape lite if i use all tutorial on how to bypass (disabeling defender, replacing the .exe ecc.) and will i have my money back if i get caught usining it (with video proof of curse). I really really want to buy vape lite but i...