1. Arla

    Safe SUMO settings for main: Hypixel

    Does someone have a config that is safe and I can use on my main?
  2. W

    Best killaura settings for PikaNetwork.

    I'm looking for settings for Killaura that will bypass the anticheat, and will not be obvious to people watching. This is for PikaNetwork Settings I use atm: Blatant Aura with mode set to Switch, it ignores those thru walls, with 15.1-20.1 attacks per second, with 60 switch delay and 6.1 swing...
  3. S

    Safe settings for the blitz tournament?

    What are some safe settings for the blitz sg duos tournament on Hypixel? I was planning on using main acc (I have 110ms)
  4. S

    Are these main acc settings good on Hypixel? (100-120ms)

    Are these settings whatsoever detectable? I'm using these settings on my main hypixel acc and I'm wondering if I have any risk of being banned with these, please also tell me if there is any setting that I can safely make higher/lower. -Autoclicker Break blocks: enabled Break blocks delay 0.0 -...
  5. K

    150 - 170ms (Closet cheating)

    I want to use these settings on my main acc, i use the following reach 3.25 - 3.35 vertical check, and water check velo 85 100 100 any recommendations will help a lot. I mostly play tnt tag dont judge me (hypixel)
  6. T

    Are these settings safe for now and also for future hypixel banwaves?

    Given the banwave that happened a week or so ago which got my main 30day'ed I've decided to play much safer but I'd still like to know about these settings and if they're fine. ESP - Skeleton Aim Assist - Both speeds at 4, 77 angle (my fov) Reach (possibly but probably not) - 3.0/3.1 Also is...
  7. T

    What level of reach can I use as someone with 220-250ms ping on hypixel? (closet)

    I know this has been asked but I am just confirming. I use 3.1-3.3 and just wanna check that it's ok to use that and not get banned.
  8. Wolff

    Kill Aura Toggle (70-80ms) Hypixel Bedwars

    I currently have a pretty legit config but I’d like something like a keybind that toggles kill aura or bhop, just something to get out of those situations. Also if possible I’d like it to not be insanely detectable but I wouldn’t be toggling it too often. Thank you
  9. Xarchiiii

    Blatant setting w beanernet for bedwars

    I saw a video where a guy use beanernet for bypass autoblock flags, someone knows osmething?
  10. X4Life3

    Hypixel Settings

    Looking for some nice Settings, not blatant, legit, semi or so I just want to know what is new and what's cool to use right now.
  11. F

    Pls give me a safe killaura setting

    I want to use killaura in my main alt,my ping is 180-300 ms,i want to be safe,thanks!
  12. YeetusFeetus

    Settings for MINECADIA (FACTIONS)

    Hello, I'm looking for some decent settings that bypass on minecadia pirate such as aimassist and autoclicker and whatnot, send me your configs!
  13. dekkzz

    Why I’m not banned?

    why i’m not banned? (hypixel) I've been using 3.37-3.4 reach, velocity on 50%, 100%, 100%. killaura legit/ ignore invisible, naked & behind walls. Aps:9.8-9.9 ,Swing & Attack Range 3.3, Max Angle 240, max targets 1 for one week & i only get called hacker 1 time. What’s wrong with hypixel ?
  14. dekkzz

    Can I get banned for 1.07 timer on hypixel?

    hi, Can I get banned for 1.07 timer on hypixel?
  15. V

    Any Cobra players have a config for vape bc it ban me for using ac 11-16 💀
  16. peeqa

    Best Hypixel Settings

    Hey, I know this probably has been posted a lot, but what are the best settings for Hypixel (mainly Bedwars) on Vape V4? I've found a few posts with good settings for Hypixel, but they all say Vape Lite or don't say anything about the client. I don't really know the difference, but considering...
  17. B

    staff/wd banned on hypixel pit

    yo i got banned twice on hypixel while using vl and my settings are exeptionally legit autoclicker 12-15, manual blockhit, breaks blocks, extra randomization reach 3-3.1, only while sprinting, vertical check velo 95hz 97vr 100chance 0tickdelay, only while targeting hitbox 0.09 i have usually...
  18. S

    Banned on Hypixel and Invadedlands with these settings

    Just to preface, I get about 100-150ms AC: 12-15 (Turned down to 9-11 after first Invadedlands ban, still got banned again) Reach: 3,15-3,2 Velo: H: 90 V: 100 Chance: 100 (barely ever toggle this though) Other than this I use Antibot, Nametags and Projectiles How the fuck am I getting...
  19. dekkzz

    safe on my main?(hypixel and 155-170ms)

    Hey, Are the settings safe on my main acc (155-170ms) ac: 14-18 with extra random reach:3.1-3.2 with Vertical Check and Disable in water anti bot esp health scaffold (legit,70-80 sneak delay) Fastplace 1
  20. Kris

    Safe Reach Settings for Hypixel

    I'm cheating on my main and just wanted to be sure what settings are least likely to get me banned. After looking through the forums, the two settings I've seen recommended are 3.1-3.3 and 3.1-3.2. To be 100% safe, which of the two should I use to closet-cheat, and what are the chances of...