1. R


    hey i want sumo settings for hypixel so legit then semi legit and blatant thank you
  2. F

    Optimal Blatant Settings For MINEMEN CLUB

    I'm looking for the most blatant settings without quick detection (MINEMEN CLUB)
  3. S

    PotPvP/Skypvp settings/config

    Someone have settings for SkyPvP with stacked heal potions for ac/aimassist etc.
  4. R

    Max Horizontal Velo

    Whats the max Velo for horizontal that works without silent flagging staff?
  5. GurkGrillarn69

    what is kinda safe velocity on pvp legacy?

    Can you use velocity without ban on pvp legacy?
  6. A

    Settings 60MS

    Can Someone Give me some settings 60ms and is velo safe to use
  7. Y


    I have freelook binded to tab but is there anyway to unbind it completely I've look in the settings and I don't see a freelook setting at all, Just wondering. Thanks
  8. Yiky_OwO

    Reach settings on hypixel while playing on 200+ ms

    For several years, I have been playing Hypixel with a 200ms + delay. I always use 3.8-3.99 reach,(only while sprinting)and i get 33 stars on skywars,508 stars on bedwars. I use a staffchecker on discord to avoid staffs. i found many people suggesting that we should use 3.3-3.4 or sth on 200+ms...
  9. AsparkOwler

    What does Strafe do and is it safe?

  10. A

    Hypixel settings classic duel

    Hi i play on hypixel with 130 ms and i set a ping rage of 20 ms to play with people that have similar ping, My settings are : Reach: 3.1-3.3 Autoclick: 15-20 Aim assist: 30-60-360 and i am a very good rod player, but i still get claped, like a lot by other players what am i doing wrong...
  11. V

    Hypixel skywars, bedwars. And minemen/coldpvp settings.

    Hello all, please write me legit vape v4 settings for skywars and bed wars on hypixel not to lose account. Autoclick, fast place, hitbox, scaffold and the like. And also please name me legit settings for minemen, cold pvp servers not to be banned in the first second 🍃😖💦 . My Ping on hypixel is...
  12. Badamazingplop

    Pit settings

    So i just got a brand new mc account and i want to grind pit on it and not get banned but idk what settings to use ive heard hitboxes doesnt flag and thats its safe to use killaura but ive laso heard the opposite so i want someone to tell me what settings i should use if i want to main kill aura...
  13. AsparkOwler

    Hypixel Strafe Settings

    Does the Strafe module bypass on Hypixel and what settings? I think it might silent flag because I tried it out on the Strafe's module normal configuration. Also is it going to get you watchdog / staffbanned
  14. I

    Banned from Hypixel

    My alt was banned from hypixel because i was using the wrong settings? idk but i need new settings... I have something around 140ms on hypixel and i need some LEGIT settings for reach and hitbox and i would like to know if theres anyway to use fast consume and still being legit.
  15. N33D

    How are u getting banned on hypixel?

    Just wanted to ask i seen people get banned from like 3.4 reach and stuff with 150 ping, i play with 5.4 to 6.0 reach with 30 velo on 130ping since years on my main still nothing, what are u waffling about honestly? I dont understand yall
  16. T

    How can i more damage on players ? HELP

    I want to give more damage to the players and kill faster, i how to do this ( The cheat protection of the server I play is very nice) Server İp: (Faction Mode)
  17. kms

    question about security bans on hypicle

    i have an account that gets unbanned on oct 12th (the guy i share the account with did smth retarded in sumo) and my main gets unbanned on oct 6th, if i join on my main without a vpn will i get security banned or should i just play (if i get sec banned on a 3 ban account i have a feeling the...
  18. I

    Hypixel reach settings (140ms)

    Best reach settings for playing Hypixel with 140ms
  19. C

    Mineman.Club AutoClicker Settings

    Hello everyone, I’m looking for updated auto clicker settings for Since vape v4 has extra+ randomization feature. I wonder if I can safely turn up my clicker from 14-20 to something like 17-20 or maybe above max 20 cps without the risk of getting banned since I’m planning to use it...
  20. W

    What is wrong with my Killaura menu????

    Where is switch mode, and other settings. What are these new ones? Where has legit aura gone? What is "silent" mode? Have I just changed a setting, or has there been an update? If so, where can I lean to use all of this? I can send screenshots if anyone needs.