1. bigimeow

    legit config bedwars hypixel

    Hi i haven't played in a long time need help with some settings, mvp+ NL 120 ping 130 i need settings for silent aura
  2. best silen aura settings for 38ms hypixel bw main ( for both staff and ac)?

    title asks question
  3. S

    Could someone explain to me FakeLag and BackTrack?

    I mean I know what they do but not really how they work. What is the difference between "Transmission Offset" and "Delay" in FakeLag? And for BackTrack what does "Latency" change? And how does BackTrack work in conjunction with FakeLag? Also, how should I change these settings depending on my...
  4. A

    what is the best settings for cube and 1.9 servers ?

    Hello what is the best settings for cubecraft and 1.9 servers like stary and valed becuase i got banned very quickly despite the fact i was using reach 3,2 and velcoity and aim assist only , and thanks <3
  5. I

    Silent aura hypixel

    Can i safely use silent aura on hypixel without getting banned and if yes what settings should i use?
  6. I

    What are the best safe closet settings for hypixel?

    What are the best safe closet settings for hypixel? My avg ping: 100-110 Ive heard i need fakelag so please inform me more on this Also can i use fastplace? id also like to use scaffold
  7. F

    Are my settings safe for Hypixel?

    I've heard that Hypixel has placed many more anticheat measures than it had a year ago. All I know is that reach is patched but I want to know if my config is detectable and if its safe for main use. I'm quit new, only been cheating for about a week. Average Ping: 60-70ms Autoclicker 16-20...
  8. G


    So i’ve been playing on a server where the objective is to get the last hit on players. By this I use Killaura but at the recent times people have figured it out and has started using it. The anti cheat on the server is very mild and only detects if it’s too blatant (not killaura). So I was...
  9. V

    I don't see rearview in the GUI

    Can somebody tell me where rearview is at
  10. bozo

    Semi-blatant settings for Hypixel

    Hi, I recently got back into cheating on Minecraft and I decided to reinstall Vape V4 after hearing about the newly added features. I am not too well versed in what is "meta" or something at the moment, and if anybody knows a good semi-blatant config for vape updated as of 2024 for the newly...
  11. E

    Best Setting for, WTap, Hitboxes, Reach and Aimassist

    Hey, whats the best legit config for the server I want to use it in Skywars / Pvp Whats the best legit settings for Wtap, Hitbox, Reach
  12. B

    killaura safe on hypixel?

    title, and if it is, what settings? tried some mad blatant settings but ended up not hitting ppl at all (not landing hits, hits not registered?) and then getting banned
  13. Y

    Best settings for Hypixel on 160ms with reach on Vape lite?

    gimme xd
  14. _yeat

    TNT Tag | Main Safe Settings

    Hey, I would appreciate if someone could guide me to what settings to use for TNT Tag on my main Ping: 100ms Thank you in advance <3
  15. Badamazingplop

    alt semi rage

    any1 got some settigns for like velo reach and ka that i can use on an alt. low enough so i dont get watchdogged ofc but still get staffed
  16. R


    i got banned on mmc with ac 16.5 / 19.4 extra cps, anyone have settings?
  17. I

    Config for minemen, specifically NoJumpDelay and W tap configs, Also Hypixel

    So my settings for minemen are Reach 3.04-3.04 100 chance disabled in water, chance mode advanced Autoclicker at 20cps with extra+ randomization (I haven't had problems with this on any server) Aim assist (170 horizontal speed) (170 max angle) (distance 4.5) (just click aim and aim while on...
  18. R

    Sumo settings help got banned

    I got banned idk why feedback also my ping is 106ms AimAssist Click to aim On Aim while on target on Strafe increase on check break blocks off aim vertically on V6 H6 Max angle 360 distance 3.4 AutoClicker Hold to click On Inventory Fill off Trigger mode off Break blocks off Block hit on cps...
  19. lenstov

    Reset profile to previously saved settings

    I thought that it might be helpful sometimes to restore your config to previously saved settings. If you have changed too much values on your main profile and then you want everything to be back normal that you configured before (This is not complete profile reset) What do you think?
  20. R


    hey i want sumo settings for hypixel so legit then semi legit and blatant thank you