1. K

    Could just using auto clicker and fast place have a chance of getting you banned

    Let's say I'm just using auto clicker and fast place. What are the odds of me being banned. Is it possible that it detects that I injected vape and bans me from that. Or does it only ban you if it detects that you are using an auto clicker or fast place. Fast place setting is at 1 and auto...
  2. lolwww

    Hypixel General Settings.

    I wanna know if these settings would be good/ I think are good for any game on hypixel with any ping. AutoClicker: 11.3 - 12.9 Reach: 3.06 - 3.09 Misplace Water Check Velocity: Vertical : 100% Horizontal: 95% Chance: 100% Aim Assist: Vertical: 3.5 Horizontal: 4.5
  3. C

    Parkour module setiings [Vape V4]

    Make it possible to enable auto-jump from the end of the block when it is not only necessary, but under any circumstances. For initially in vape v4, the parkour module is activated only when the opportunity is needed.
  4. M7H.GG

    VAPE LITE/VAPE.V4 SETTINGS V2 Settings Update.

    Hello, So i will be Updating My VAPE LITE/VAPEV4 Settings from the Previous One, some Settings were Lowered due to Bans accuring, You should be Fine this Time. Previous Thread: I hope you Enjoy.
  5. P

    Hypixel config?

    Hey @Manthe what do you think the best config would be for hypixel?
  6. I

    legit settings for hypixel pit vape lite

  7. K

    Legit settings for recording; 120-140ms, bedwars (vape v4)

    Mostly just looking for good velocity and reach settings, no autoclicker or anything. But, if there's any other settings you have and would want to share, that is appreciated too. Thanks
  8. S

    RMB autoclicker not saving

    RMB Autoclicker settings not saving except allowed items
  9. S

    Best Hitbox settings for hypixel?

    Best legit hitbox settings for hypixel?
  10. T


    I recently bought LIFETIME Drip Lite, thinking "Its a Private Client, for a beast of a price, it has to be real good right?" LIES. The Bot/Team check on aim-assist doesn't work, it constantly crashes injecting and it has minimal settings compared to Vape Lite. Just a warning, I wouldn't get it...
  11. S

    v4 Settings for hypixel?

    I get about 150-200 ping, what are some good bypassing settings I should use?
  12. X

    Is there an AimAssist setting to always target the same person?

    I was wondering if there is currently an auto-targeting setting that always points to a person that you can configure yourself. In case it exists if someone likes to explain to me I will be very grateful.
  13. S

    What are the best settings for hypixel

    I already got banned twice on my main and i don't want to risk getting banned another time because it will be permanent, what are the best legit settings for a closet cheater that will 100% not get me banned. Thanks
  14. D

    [Setting] How to bypass acc any server

    Hellow Im a newbie of vape lite I wanna tell u something I found a problem like I set reach 3.00 - 3.15 [toggle while sprinting on , and combo mode on ] and set autoclick 12-15 and velocityHorizontal : 87 Vertical : 87 Chance : 90 and still get banned which setting do u guys recommend me...
  15. RotBlauHase

    Vape v3 or v4 on hypickle

    So ive been succesfully using v3 since I bought vape (2 months ago) on hypixel... Im familiar with the settings that bypass and it works perfectly fine... I bought MVP+, so I dont want to lose that, but Im curios, how much better is v4? I dont really want to try, cause as said, I dont want to...
  16. I

    Ranked SkyWars Config please

    SO i want a ranked skywars Config for Diamond div on my Mail Account These are my configs are there good? Auto Clicker = 9-12 Break blocks Aim Assist = Default Reach = 3.2-3.4 ESP = Everything Chest Steal And Auto Armor Will these buypass? if not give me a good config for Ranked skywars...
  17. S

    Kill Aura config help

    Whats the most efficient Kill Aura that can be configured without getting watchdoged?
  18. F

    MMC/minemenclub undetectable settings [request]

    I was banned on MMC with 3-3.1 reach+AC+chams+esp+nametags (vv4) Can anyone give me some good settings to use on mmc? All the other posts I have found are really old and I don't want to risk another ban. Thanks.
  19. theofficialsomeone

    Questions about settings.

    Would Auto-Armor, Chest-Stealer, auto-Hotbar, or Inv-Cleaner ever get me banned by Watchdog at the right settings? Also, does it matter whether it opens the inventory for those things or not? For example: Is there more of a chance of being banned for not opening your inventory? or Is it just...
  20. J

    Looking for undetectable Hypixel Ranked Skywars settings

    All i pretty much need are Autoclicker, Reach, and Velocity. My ping on Hypixel fluctuates from 60-90. Also I'd like to know if "Break blocks" is bannable cause I've heard some people say it is and others have said it isn't. My account is a MVP+ one so I really don't want it to get banned. Thanks.