1. Signature

    settings for streaking in sumo?

    tits le
  2. x3Golden

    WTap Hypixel Detection?

    Does Hypixel detect WTap? Been using this client for one day and I've been tempted to use WTap in Sumo but I dont want to get banned since I play on my main. I've been hearing rumors that it's detected on hypixel after the ban wave, but does anyone here really know if it is detected or not...
  3. W

    Safe sumo hypixel settsings

    (vape light) 130-200ms Hello, I need a safe setup to play sumo on a hypixel. Right now I'm going to play on the other account to see if I get banned. It is best to secure enough settings so that I will never get a ban, I apologize in advance for mistakes but I'm not from the USA
  4. Client

    100ms Safe Settings

    I play Bedwars and Sumo and I need some pretty safe settings because I don't want to get banned. Any recommendations?
  5. A

    Request: Sumo duels settings

    i get like 25-50 ping but if i use beanernet my friends say it looks like im from africa so pings not a problem i use vape v3 and i want sumo duels settings that wont get me a ban
  6. N

    settings for sumo ?

    I need settings for hypixel sumo, which does not take knockback. I'm a new vape user.
  7. BurankuBlank

    Hypixel Sumo Leaderboard Settings..

    Ok, So there is this leaderboard player Ciggarete.. They have like a 150+ win streak.. I've used 75% velocity on 95% chance with 3.3 - 3.6-7 reach Aim-assist and autoclicker.. Still can't beat them Anyone have settings that'll get me to leaderboards and preferably ones that I can play with...