1. K

    1 ms settings?

    What are some good setting for playing sumo on 1 ms? Also should I use WTap? or just get better at doing it myself?
  2. R

    Sumo settings help got banned

    I got banned idk why feedback also my ping is 106ms AimAssist Click to aim On Aim while on target on Strafe increase on check break blocks off aim vertically on V6 H6 Max angle 360 distance 3.4 AutoClicker Hold to click On Inventory Fill off Trigger mode off Break blocks off Block hit on cps...
  3. R

    Sumo ws config please

    Hey i am looking for a sumo ws config and idc if i get banned but i would like to hit a 1500 ws before the ban thank you for reading this My ping is 106
  4. Arla

    Safe SUMO settings for main: Hypixel

    Does someone have a config that is safe and I can use on my main?
  5. Creator

    Are these Hypixel Sumo settings save (main)

    Are these Settings save for my main on sumo? (120 ping) Aim Assist: Click aim, Aim while on target, trafe increase, speed 7,5, angle 200, distance 5 Autoclicker: 16.2-18.5 Hold to click, extra randomization Reach: 3.2-3.4 Only while sprinting, disable in water Velocity: H:68%, V:100%, C:90%...
  6. Skyie

    Sumo Fences

    To be honest, this is a fairly good client, I haven't been banned on my main OG, hypixel level 300 6 year veteran account with 4.2 I was wondering if you could create sumo fences or add a bot inside of the config where it automatically plays for you, like the video below. I heard it was not...
  7. pqzyy

    vape lite settings for hypixel sumo?

    i have like 30-60 ms on hypixel im gonna do it on an account i care about but i also want a winstreak sooooo i wanna use autoclicker, reach, velocity (and maybe aimassist)
  8. bigimeow

    sumo settings for ws

    going for ws 120-130 ms max aim assist 16-20 ac with hit select velo 60 60 100(idk if lowering vertical will get me banned) reach 3.1 3.3 I'm insecure about velo i think the rest is fine
  9. Belligerently

    What r good settings for reach and hitboxes for sumo and murder mystery

    I need reach settings for sumo and reach settings for murder mystery as well as hitboxes settings for both. My acc is MVP++ with level 69 or can someone give me an altening alt or an alt from an alt shop that was never used
  10. Belligerently

    Are these good settings for Sumo and Murder Mystery?

    Murder Mystery: Murderfinder item esp whitelist gold nametags/esp reach: 4.0 hitboxes: .2 Sumo duels: Autoclicker: 16-20 Aim assist: any Reach: 3.1-3.4 Velocity: 80h 100v 100c I on 34 ms normally. I’m on my MVP++ lvl. 69 main acc.
  11. flushed


    EXPLANATION this will allow you to automatically fight your opponent as well as automatically requeue the settings mentioned bypass watchdog fully but are very risky (slightly lower settings will bypass better but you will get less wins as a result) this is not perfect by any means but works as...
  12. X4Life3

    Hypixel Tyrant Sumo Settings

    86284aff-3bce-4c9e-aee0-82a0f6623714 HYPIXEL TYRANT SUMO BLATANT ENABLED Esp / Anything You Want AntiBot / Remove Bots AimAssist / Click Aim / Aim While On Target Horizontal Speed - 10 Max Angle - 30 Distance - 5 AutoClicker / BlockHit Clicks Per Second - 17.0 - 20.0 Reach Range - 3.1 - 3.3...
  13. kms

    can i have hypixel sumo duels settings that wont get me banned

    title also i need settings that arent blatant bc im gonna be cheating on an alt that i really care abt (its my only account that can play hypixel)
  14. kms

    please give me closet settings for hypixel (im gonna be using these settings on an alt i really care about)

    I need settings for vape v4 and i dont want to get hackusated. My ping is 80-100 ms.
  15. cheater69

    sumo bot

    hey, i'm looking for a sumo bot that i can inject vape into, however, the 2 biggest bot providers are in the middle of updating the bots so they've been down for a while. if anyone has a suggestion for a sumo bot that currently works, please let me know
  16. Signature

    settings for streaking in sumo?

    tits le
  17. x3Golden

    WTap Hypixel Detection?

    Does Hypixel detect WTap? Been using this client for one day and I've been tempted to use WTap in Sumo but I dont want to get banned since I play on my main. I've been hearing rumors that it's detected on hypixel after the ban wave, but does anyone here really know if it is detected or not...
  18. W

    Safe sumo hypixel settsings

    (vape light) 130-200ms Hello, I need a safe setup to play sumo on a hypixel. Right now I'm going to play on the other account to see if I get banned. It is best to secure enough settings so that I will never get a ban, I apologize in advance for mistakes but I'm not from the USA
  19. Client

    100ms Safe Settings

    I play Bedwars and Sumo and I need some pretty safe settings because I don't want to get banned. Any recommendations?
  20. A

    Request: Sumo duels settings

    i get like 25-50 ping but if i use beanernet my friends say it looks like im from africa so pings not a problem i use vape v3 and i want sumo duels settings that wont get me a ban