1. S

    Could someone explain to me FakeLag and BackTrack?

    I mean I know what they do but not really how they work. What is the difference between "Transmission Offset" and "Delay" in FakeLag? And for BackTrack what does "Latency" change? And how does BackTrack work in conjunction with FakeLag? Also, how should I change these settings depending on my...
  2. A

    Constantly Updated Practice Bedwars Configs

    Semi-Blatant - YNXKIL This is closet but it is sometimes obvious so you can get reported. Would definitely say main safe. Enabled modules: Auto-Clicker Silent Aura Reach You can use any other modules except any others in combat area! Blatant coming soon
  3. I

    What are the best safe closet settings for hypixel?

    What are the best safe closet settings for hypixel? My avg ping: 100-110 Ive heard i need fakelag so please inform me more on this Also can i use fastplace? id also like to use scaffold
  4. D

    AutoPearl Closet Settings

    Anyone have an auto pearl closet setting? im currently using this config, please let me know if its detectable
  5. Z

    Does Anti-Debuff bypass Hypixel right now without remove effects?

    I'm using this for bedwars and this is for my main.
  6. H

    Wondering what config to use to never get banned

    I bought vape planning to use on my main account and not get banned at all. Currently I'm using very safe settings here is it down below Aim assist: 1.5V 2.5H max angle 130 distance 4 AC right click and left click 12.5-16cps extra+ randomization Scaffold legit mode with 115-230 sneak delay ESP...
  7. Merryzz

    CLOSET & BLATANT VAPE CONFIGS 2024 (Hypixel, MMC, BlocksMC...)

    All of my configs will be updated on Vape's public profiles section from now on. Feel free to ask me anything about modules & settings, we can use forums as a discuss section. If you don't know about new public profiles, its added with the v4.14 update, i've made a video showcasing it Vape...
  8. Ricomeater

    Hypixel - Legit Config

    Hey can anyone give me the best legit settings that will not get me banned .And i can play hypixel with sorry im a newb atm im using AutoClicker Reach velocity antibot scaffold ESP
  9. H

    hypixel config (tnt tag)

    i play on 30-60 ping my current settings are autoclicker: 12-16, hold to click, extra randomization hitselect (rarely used): pause reach: 3.1-3.2, 100 chance, vert check, only while sprinting, disable in water velocity: 85h 100v, 1 tick, only when targeting, water check thoughts on this as a...
  10. B

    Are there any sound clickers / double clickers left?

    I remember back in the day there were so many autoclickers, now I can't seem to find a single premium one lol. Does anyone know of any sound clickers or double clickers?
  11. SussyPotion

    closet config i made

    sorry if i sound like a retard here are settings i use on main are these safe? and by safe i mean 100% i won't get banned or staffed? i'm currently waiting on my unban since i got staffed and banned so just making sure if these settings will keep me undetected from staff and watchdog too im...
  12. SussyPotion

    config for pit and bedwars

    hello i only play pit and bedwars idk anything about clients i just wanna closet without getting banned or sussed ping is 30-35
  13. H

    What would be a good, completely unbannable closet settings for pit, using Vape v4?

    I have recently bought vape, and i’ve found it To be quite good. I usually play bw and pit, and while i have no problem winning in bw with vape, i was wondering how i could improve my pit config. For now i‘ve been using: Autoclicker from 10-14 extra+ randomisation aim assist(in 1v1) 180 angle 5...
  14. maxwalkss

    Closet Minemen Config

    Green = Bypasses with any settings Blue = Bypasses with the right settings Yellow = Might flag or ban Guide for Closet cheating on Minemen. Aim assist: Your own settings AutoClicker: I recommend 8-14 cps Reach: 3.05 - 3.1, 100% chance Don't use velocity at any setting because AGC has really...
  15. YesItsWaffle


    Hypixel Closet Cheating Guide (2023) This guide goes over several of the most popular gamemodes on Hypixel. THESE CONFIGS ARE MAIN SAFE. NEW REACH/VELO CHECKS ADDED TO HYPIXEL - USE TOURNAMENT CONFIG FOR NOW Read this first before going straight to the configs: - This guide may be not...
  16. S

    Is strafe safe to use on hypixel?

  17. lustt

    A few features I would like to see for Vape Lite

    Vape edition: Vape Lite Suggestion Description: Nametags module: option to hide the nametags from shifting entities. Esp module: similarly, a way to hide shifting entities from esp as well as customize the colors for shifting entities to differentiate them from non-shifting entities. The...
  18. W

    Best killaura settings for PikaNetwork.

    I'm looking for settings for Killaura that will bypass the anticheat, and will not be obvious to people watching. This is for PikaNetwork Settings I use atm: Blatant Aura with mode set to Switch, it ignores those thru walls, with 15.1-20.1 attacks per second, with 60 switch delay and 6.1 swing...
  19. C

    AimAssist [closet] Settings (main account, ~60 ping)

    I'm looking for specifics on what values to use for AimAssist. From what I've seen in the posts I found, it doesn't look like AA flags, but I still don't want to look blatant either. Right now I am using this: Click Aim ✅ Aim while on target ✅ Check block break ✅ Aim Vertically ✅ - Vertical...
  20. V

    Any good configs for 100-130ms closet main? (vapev4)

    Any good configs for 100-130ms closet main?(vapev4) i heared that hypixel improved watchdog so yea...