1. AubreyBoo

    Opinion on this client?

    The client I'm talking about is Rise client which seems to have decent updates and seems to have a sleek UI and a lot of features but then again I've wanted to know others opinions on the client and maybe even some who own the client with its upsides and downsides since I've thought on buying it...
  2. kroless

    Which Client(s) do Y'all Use?

    Which client(s) do you guys use with vape v4?
  3. J

    How can i inject vape v4 to other clients?

    if this is possible, can you tech me how can i inject vape v4 to every 1.8.9 clients. Have a nice day!
  4. flushed


    generally after a lunar patch update vape is unable to inject. here is how to fix it: 1. delete your vape and download a new one from 2. launch lunar client 1.8.9 and minimise it 3. run your new vape and sign in if required 4. let vape inject and everything should...
  5. R

    vape v4 vs vape lite

    vape v4 is pricier but it has more features, vape lite has less featuers but a way smaller price tag
  6. Posma


    I don't know why but I would find it really cool and funny if vape made their own cosmetics or maybe cosmetics on other clients. What do oyu guys think about that would you buy vape cosmetics?
  7. Icy

    Antic any good?

    Is antic client a good client
  8. siehhhd

    Feather client

    Hello guys. Now I have beta access in Feather client. I dont want to lose it, but I want to know. Does vape v4 bypass this client? I cant use Lunar anymore.
  9. FlawlessEcho

    Any Suggestions on which client to run vape on (Lunar , Badlion etc) and pros and cons

    i just got vape and wondering the pros and cons of injecting into each client
  10. F

    Injection in Feather client

    So, there is a new client upcoming, currently in private beta, which is called “Feather client”. It would be great to have the possibility to inject Vape into this client.
  11. M

    Clients for Vape Lite

    What clients can i use for vape lite? (1.8 clients please) I tried Lunar 1.8.9, it injects but none of the features work I tried badlion and it works but badlion sucks dont say forge
  12. RotBlauHase

    Is is possible to inject into lunar? (v4)

    Can someone tell me, if there is any way of injecting Vape v4 into the Lunar Client? I've heard that you could inject by changing some settings, idk... Thanks
  13. UwUFurry


    Are there any 3rd party clients that vape can inject into that boost fps (not lunar or blc cause ik they are not supported) but anything else. Or a client that someone here has made e.g a Private Client? thanks :))
  14. Needle


    Hey, are there any recommended clickers / clients that can bypass lunar anticheat? I would prefer if they where paid, since that would probably mean that I won't get banwaved. Thank you for taking your time to read my post!
  15. K

    In which clients can VapeV4 be injected?

    I have been able to inject VapeV4 into Podcrash, Hyperium, 5zig, Badlion, and Labymod. Are there any other clients you know who can inject vape?
  16. Itqy

    How To Inject Vape V4 On Badlion Client

    1. Download Badlion Client 2. Choose a version in badlion 3. Open vape v4 loader 4. Go in a server 5. Enjoy Boys!
  17. H

    [MantheClicker] - bypass Lunar Client (AC - off)?

    Hi everyone, is it possible to use manthe-autoclicker in Lunar Client with anti-cheat disabled. I will not be banned? And what settings do you recommend?
  18. H


    Hello Guys. Can Some One Tell Me What's The Difference Between FREE Hack Client And PAID Hack Client?? Because All The PAID Hack Client Feature Same As Other FREE Hack Client...
  19. I

    v3 or drip

    Ok I have seen alot of these posts but they dont fit my needs. I could either buy Vape V3 or Drip. Not Drip Lite or Drip X just the normal drip. Which one is better for screenshare, modules and bypasses.
  20. ponderosajanigian

    Minecraft PVPClients that use forge

    Hello! I have a question, does anyone know Minecraft clients that use forge ( so I can inject ) and also don't have a anti-cheat? As of right now I'm using 5zig but I would like something new. Anything will be appreciated! Thanks!