hypixel 2023

  1. N

    Reach settings safe for hypixel (bedwars) and config ?

    Hello, Good evening, I'm new, I don't know the settings to be SAFE on Hypixel and I just wanted to ask if 3.1-3.25 is SAFE at 20 ms? and if possible to have a config at 20ms on hypixel (Bedwars). THANKS :)
  2. Yiky_OwO

    Reach settings on hypixel while playing on 200+ ms

    For several years, I have been playing Hypixel with a 200ms + delay. I always use 3.8-3.99 reach,(only while sprinting)and i get 33 stars on skywars,508 stars on bedwars. I use a staffchecker on discord to avoid staffs. i found many people suggesting that we should use 3.3-3.4 or sth on 200+ms...
  3. L

    Best hypixel unbannable cfg - hitboxes, killaura, reach, velo

    Best closet cheating config u have ever seen cant get u banned not even staffed. Autoclicker 0-0 cps blockhit off break blocks 0-0.1 Aimassist 0H speed 0V speed Reach 3.0-3.0 100% chance all checks on Velo 100 100 100 all checks on other than anticombo and kite mode Hitboxes 0 Killaura - normal...
  4. Drinklemons

    Looking for Hypixel UHC Settings.

    Hypixel UHC has no replays so I'm guessing that checks are more strict, I was wondering if any UHC veterans see this to tell me what settings I can use on my main. I've only heard that you shouldn't risk using Velo but I don't know if it's true. I get around 150-180ms
  5. Goddamnt

    Hypixel Config June 2023 Any Ping

    Autoclicker: 15-20 hold to click, hit select, break blocks delay 0-10 block hit auto Reach: 3.5-3.5 chance 100 nothing ticked (ngl you could prolly go higher and still not get beamed if you keep it under 4) Velo: 20 100 100 nothing ticked (idk if 0 100 100 works bc i don't wanna risk it but this...
  6. YesItsWaffle


    Hypixel Closet Cheating Guide (2023) This guide goes over several of the most popular gamemodes on Hypixel. THESE CONFIGS ARE MAIN SAFE. Read this first before going straight to the configs: - This guide may be not completely up to date 100% of the time in the event that any staff/watchdog...
  7. I

    Hypixel Pit Max Reach

    I have been using a fair bit of reach on the pit slowly going from 3.1 and working up day by day and now i am in the range of 3.4-3.5. I am wondering with the lack of watchdog in the pit, what is the max reach I can go before I get banned/staff banned. I really don't care if people know I am...
  8. meowmeow

    Hypixel Bans? (Reason & Time)

    If you get staff banned while offline, the timer starts going down the next time you attempt to log in, right? Also, if you know stuff please use this thread to share valuable information about the Hypixel ban system, ban lengths and all that because I wouldn't mind knowing more about it.
  9. meowmeow

    meowmeow's BLATANT Hypixel Config (UPDATED 2023)

    29 Sep: Updated with the new aura Like with any client; blatant cheating is not safe nor is it sustainable. Only use this if you're willing to risk a ban (green modules should make you last until staff, yellow might get you anticheat banned if detections changed since I last updated them)...