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Discussion in 'Settings' started by Aaron, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. Aaron

    Aaron New Member

    So I'm trying to put my timer setting to 1.07 as that's what I had it as before but I accidentally changed it and the scrolling bar doesn't let me it skips from 0.6 to 0.8 (update) use arrow keys

    Now for uhc settings
    I've been using these same settings for a long time but there is still a chance you can look sketchy depending on how often you use the aura to a staff member because the settings are op. I cheated my entire way to 9 star with these settings with one staff ban for a week I think.
    toggle blatant on
    Timer - have set to 1.07 u can slowly catch up to players and get away if you get anduril you might wanna turn it down by .1 or .2 because ur fucking fast
    install xray 47 use cavefinder have ores selected along with canes flower and whatever else u need to find to maximize your gear
    Use Keep Sprint - when behind someone try and make it look like ur 1.7'ing them to good players
    Use anti-bot
    Autoclicker 10-14 cps
    reach 3.3-3.5 with vertical check
    Velocity Horizontal 93% if you want put it lower but not lower then 80 DONT change vertical
    Use aim assist with the settings of your own liking

    Now my favorite one is killaura basically you're about to die toggle button or bhopper other cheater maybe you just need to fuck someone up.
    10-14 cps 400 switch 6 swing range 4.4 attack range 90 max angle 1 max target mode switch mode anti-cheat -check gui -check show target set to an easy toggle key
    You can use kill aura all you want and not get watchdogged just be smart with it generally if you're getting called out a lot to make a staff come and spectate but its hypixel so you mostly won't have to worry. Don't use it on youtubers either
    If you want, have text gui on so you if you accidentally leave killaura on
    Have fun you can still get called out without aura as keepsprint and timer are also op but yet undetectable :)
    Wow this got a lot of attention not a surprise.
    Another tip is use nametags with mobs selected this can help find enderman this helping you get fire sword and other ults (turn off when pvping of course)
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  2. real

    real New Member

    Use shift + left/rightarrow to move timer 0.01 higher/lower
  3. bighead

    bighead New Member

    when you use the xray mod, do you have stone on or off?
  4. Aaron

    Aaron New Member

    i have it on and when im in caves ill just place a block like dirt in front to see where other caves are
  5. WonderIf

    WonderIf Active Member

    What is xray 47?
  6. Lautaro

    Lautaro Active Member

    I think I'm not mistaken. Xray47 was one of the most used xray in uhc badlion, among others.

    It was a mod forge that had xray and cave finder.

    It was one of the few free xray that at the time got badlion bypass. Today is still very good and is bypass hypixel and is for both 1.7 and 1.8.
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  7. bighead

    bighead New Member

    alright, also what's ur main acc name?
  8. togleXD

    togleXD Member

  9. jacob newall

    jacob newall New Member

    Link to xray 47 please
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  10. Penny

    Penny New Member

    Xrat 47 doesnt bypass hypixel

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