1. zip6como

    Decent vpn alternative to mysterium for hypixel?

    I don't rlly like the "pay as you go" model of myst cuz when I do other stuff in the background, my bal goes down too fast. Is there any alternative that works good enough on hypixel and doesn't break my bank?
  2. Drinklemons

    Hitboxes Suggestion

    Add an option to Hitboxes to include/exclude certain entities, or add an option like Killaura has to target Neutral/Players/Hostiles/Passives . Hypixel recently reverted their Hitboxes patch and it's really annoying trying to fight someone and randomly hitting an armor stand or another mob
  3. Exx96

    Reach min max range on Hypixel

    Yello just wondering will 3.1-3.1 reach get flagged on hp sw? genuinely have no idea how randomization works to bypass anticheats
  4. zip6como

    dedect staff or anticheat ban

    How do I detect if I got banned by anticheat or by staff on hypixel? Or is that not possible?
  5. Drinklemons

    Cheststealer suggestion

    Make it so "Best only" accounts for the armor you're already wearing, I don't want to get 3 pairs of diamond boots while I'm already wearing a pair. Also, an option to specify the amount of each item you want would be helpful, not everything just bows/rods/blocks
  6. S

    Autotool detectable?

    Would it be a good idea to use autotool during the Wool wars tournament on hypixel? Along with fastplace If yes, what autotool settings? There is Wait delay which by default is on 100 ms, and Hover delay at 550ms.
  7. fanta

    Hypixel Cheating Guide 2023

    Hypixel Cheating Guide 2023 Important Information > This is a guide for people who want to stay undetected on their main while still having a strong advantage. While yes, you could use 4.2 and 0 100 on your main and not get banned for upwards of a few months or years. It is NOT safe. > There...
  8. Exx96

    silent killaura for main?

    ok so im retarded, i really like the blockhit option for ka, and want to use it on my main. are there settings to make killaura entirely undetectable on hypixel and not get staffed? idm if its slightly less effective than using ac and aa- as long as i dont get called out for cheating too often...
  9. Exx96

    hypixel lobbies filled with cheaters

    I recently bought a used account that has been banned on hypixel before for cheating (the current ban level is "Medium")- this account has VIP rank. I felt that there were a lot more cheaters in my sw lobbies (at least 1-2 blatant cheaters every game) on my VIP account compared to my first...
  10. Seru

    [Analysis] NEW Hypixel Bans, Anticheat, & More...

    Hypixel Analysis 3.0 Hello again, this will be my 3rd analysis, I will again re-introduce myself as again, there are new people who don't know me and it has been over a year since I posted my second analysis; however, I am Seru, I quit going onto the Vape Forums daily right around March 2021...
  11. N

    how can i denick in hypixel

    can somebody teach me/
  12. bruh6969

    Hits just stop registering for a few seconds straight randomly

    Started happening a couple weeks ago, its so fucking annoying whenever theres someone killing you and they mine as well be in creative mode because none of your hits register.
  13. T

    Fastplace for Hypixel

    is fastplace delay 0 detectable on hypixel bedwars with 180ms?
  14. qiyi123

    How can I set reach in hypixel now?(200ms)

    settings plz!
  15. qiyi123

    Which setting may cause a ban

    I have about 200ms and suddenly get ban in Hypixel bw, I have played a long time in sw (same settings) and did not get ban before so can someone help me to correct the setting? blatant off killaura(normal) aps:13.1-16 attack range:3.6 angle:100 mode:yaw AimAssist(on with killaura) vertical...
  16. Muffined

    KillAura Improvements

    Vape edition (Vape v4, Vape Lite, etc): V4 Suggestion Description: This isn't just your average "AdD a HYpiXeL AuTObLoCk PleAsE" post, these are some genuine QoL improvements that I believe would be helpful, although obviously not in every use case! (Some of these will sound dumb, you'll just...
  17. Cacti

    Which version works best for hypixel Vape Lite?

    Which version of forge is best to use while playing Hypixel with Vape lite!? I also keep crashing every time I enter bedwars. (How do I fix this too if anybody has any suggestions)
  18. U

    Hypixel Legit Config Request

    **PLAYING ON MY MAIN** hey, im looking for a legit hypixel config for bedwars, skywars, and occasionally duels like uhc, sumo & boxing. Looking to stay unbanned from ac & atmost make staff sus of me, dont want to get staff banned. looking for anything but i mainly use autoclicker, reach...
  19. C

    Make visuals support Optifine CIT

    Make nametags support Optifine Custom Textures (CIT). It would be really useful for UHC and MegaWalls players. This thing has been already impemented in other clients such as FoodByte.
  20. vfab

    Need settings for hypixel 200+ ping

    Im looking for some settings for my main that wont get me banned on hypixel on bedwars, i average 200+ ping usually around 234. Thank you!