1. A


    i want the best bedwars settings possible without getting banned on my main i get 20-50 ping and the server is hypixel i have v4
  2. J

    Vape Lite or V4 Hypixel Settings

    I need some settings for hypixel that look legit, I want aim assist, Autoclicker, and Velocity settings. Vape lite or Vape V4 any works.
  3. RotBlauHase

    Skywars Hypixel Kind of Blatant Settings please

    Can someone give me some kind off blatant settings for Hypixel Skywars, I mean legit Killaura, maybe bhop or smth like that... So I can kind of win against sweats and stuff. It shouldnt be too obvious, and no watchdog logs or flags :D Im sorry if I ask for too much... (Maybe Aimassist, wtap...
  4. M

    Custom values on slider? + Best bypassing settings

    Hey all, I'm a pretty new vape user and I was wonder what the best settings are for hypixel (to use for one of my MFA's preferably) I was also wondering how do I type in a value in one of the modules rather than using one of the somewhat buggy sliders. Thanks!
  5. NAepix

    Looking for evidence of friend cheating

    So, my friend has been cheating in various games secretly for a few years now. Just recently, we found out that he had been xraying in a friendly minecraft server we had, as well as finding his Vape forum account. I can say with almost 100% certainty that he is cheating or at least previously...
  6. Y

    don't use chest steal at all on hypixel, it will get you banned.

    don't ever use cheststeal on hypixel and here's why. on my cheating girding account for hypixel, I've been banned for using cheststeal. I've used cheststeal with the delay of 105.0 to 175.0 I know this because I've gotten banned after opening a chest once.
  7. S

    Settings For Hypixel 280ms? ( VAPE LITE )

    I play hypixel with 270ms rn I need undetechable setting for aimassist velocity and reach with that ping ty
  8. L

    HYPIXEL BW-SW 180-205ms is the safest and most non-detectable setting?

    HYPIXEL BW-SW 180-205ms is the safest and most non-detectable setting.
  9. M7H.GG


    Hello so i will be Releasing my Own VAPE LITE/V4 Configs for closet cheating on these Servers. There is Also Hypixel Blatant Too. I Hope you Enjoy! Note: I will also be releasing more settings in other threads i'll make sure to link them when i Release More! Second Note: Hey i Updated the...
  10. Ice King

    Banned from Hypixel with Non-Blatant Settings

    How could I have gotten banned from Hypixel with these settings? These settings are more subtle than most of the recommended settings I saw on the forums. Banned in UHC 4v4 in-game. Aim Assist: Click Aim Aim While on Target Strafe Increase Check block break Horizontal Speed: 6.5 Max Angle: 180...
  11. RotBlauHase

    Are these settings good?

    My settings for v4 (Hypixel, Badlion Client) Aimassist: Autoclicker: Reach: Velocity: Hitbox: I have a MVP++ Acc so I would liuke to keep it xd Im sorry if the images arent so good...
  12. 虚空无城

    ESP improvement

    I think ESP should add options, you can know what teams are far away get up
  13. S

    Best Hitbox settings for hypixel?

    Best legit hitbox settings for hypixel?
  14. RotBlauHase

    Hypixel 20 CPS

    So I would like to moonwalk... (bedwars) Im currently using v3 and I was wondering if I could set my right autoclicker to 16-19 CPS + use safewalk to moonwalk without watchdog detecting it...
  15. H

    Best Vape Settings For Your Main (Personal HYPIXEL Experience)

    First: The biggest mistake is when you lose, is to turn you settings up, NEVER DO THIS. autoclicker: 7 - 12 aim assist (recommended) 4 horizontal/vertical 4 blocks away, 120 degrees click aim increase strafe reach: 3 blocks to 3.25/3.29 (your choice) velocity: 100 up 85 back 90 percent chance...
  16. S

    I'm starting to think that sneaking doesn't reduce knockback

    I keep seeing tryhards on Hypixel Sumo that have their velocity anyways set to like 20% try to hide the fact they are a using a velocity modifier, sneak for no reason at wrong times just so they wont get banned and seem legit like any moderator cares, also, i have never saw anyone doing shift to...
  17. J

    Does Hypixel detect flat (no fluctuation in CPS) 25 cps right-click autoclicker?

    Planning on using a no randomisation 25 cps right click autoclicker to godbridge. Will Hypixel detect it?
  18. S

    v4 Settings for hypixel?

    I get about 150-200 ping, what are some good bypassing settings I should use?
  19. S

    What are the best settings for hypixel

    I already got banned twice on my main and i don't want to risk getting banned another time because it will be permanent, what are the best legit settings for a closet cheater that will 100% not get me banned. Thanks
  20. 2

    Any ghost settings on hypiexl for a 200ms player ?

    Any suggestion of ghost settings on hypiexl for a 200ms player?