1. Y

    Hypixel Setting Discussion

    Hello,Im new to Vape, I try to play Hypixel with my main account so I want my setting be 100% safe, please help me check if my config was safe. Also please let know where should I change to get more gaming experence while keeping it safe. Thanks for ur comment. ===========================...
  2. Y

    Question about the Hypixel settings

    Hi im new to vape, and I just did a simple config yesterday,I want them be 100% safe but still giving me game experience. ======================== Version: VapeLite Pings: 60-70 I usually play bedwar and duel AimAssist: Vertical 50 Horizontal 72 Distance 6 Angle 150 AutoClicker: 9-16CPS...
  3. P

    isn't 3.1 to 3.2 reach obvious?

    i mean it seems it would be kind of obvious because you always hit your opponent first? just wondering because i wanna closet cheat on hypixel without being banned. if im wrong correct me please :)
  4. 6

    What are some good VPNs available for Hypixel?

  5. Signature

    settings for streaking in sumo?

    tits le
  6. Hexorium

    are my settings good for hypixel bedwars & not get dogged or staff

    AimAssist ClickAim Aim While On Target Check Block Break Aim Vertically Vertical: 6 Horizontal: 6 Max Angle: 82 Distance: 4 Limit: Swords AutoClicker Inv Fill BlockHit Disable Click Delay 14-17 Cps Limit: Swords Reach 3.1 - 3.3 Velocity AntiCombo 2 Hits 90/100/100 Only When...
  7. 6

    This setting is legit? in hypixel

    I need confirmation that ALL these settings will 100% not get me staff or watchdog banned. Are there any settings that should be added or changed? Please let me know. The game modes I play are SW, BW, PIT, Sumo, and other duels. Sometimes I play RSW to about gold. and I'm using BLC now, should I...
  8. R

    Need undetectable settings that won't get me banned by staff!

    Hey, so I have a lvl 200 main and I don't wanna get banned by staff, so anyone who is a professional would like to send me some settings? I would rly appreciate it. Also send aim assist settings, if u think I should use it (I know it's undetectable but still need it XD) I get approx 200 ping...
  9. 2gud4uuu


    do you guys think that 3.30 reach and 85 velo is detectable on hypixel? if so let me know which one to turn down.
  10. H

    Hypixel hitbox

    Is hitbox .1 okay? If you have low ping can you do 3.3 reach and it will look legit? or just 3.2 reach and .1 hitbox?
  11. Limo

    Add Free Look on v4

    Recently Hypixel Has Banned Free Look. So many clients such as Badlion And Lunar removed free look. As a Client of v4 who injects into Lunar i have a suggestion to add a FreeCam setting Like FreeLook works or just instead add FreeLook on v4 as its now bannable on hypixel and I bought this client...
  12. valenzia

    Hypixel Main Account Settings - 150 ms

    I need a legit config for my main account on hypixel that is not detected by staff or retardog.
  13. K

    Does hypixel ipban?

    Hey, i'm looking to buy some accounts from a website and hack on hypixel, but will my main account get banned too?
  14. C

    hypixel reach question

    Will 3.3-3.5 get me banned on hypixel?
  15. I

    unnoticable settings for hypixel and yt?

    hi im about to buying vape lite and i wanna post videos on yt so i wanna look completely legit what will the settings be?velocity 98|100|100 and autoclicker 9~11? please give me any type of tips or good settings
  16. U

    hypixel skywars

    is 3.30-3.35 reach too much? getting 6-7 kill wins a lot 15-19 cps ac 85 100 90 velo Vape lite btw
  17. U

    Hypixel Skywars.

    Okay, so, the thing is. My friend gave me his account (hypixel level 70, Mvp++.) to get him good skywars stats. I am 17 stars in skywars on my main and I mostly play legit but I recently got vape lite and was curious what setting do I use not to get him banned (watchdog or atlas ban) but win...
  18. F

    Does keepsprint bypass hypixel?

    So I have seen quite a bit of conflicting information on whether keepsprint flags or not. If you know it does flag, how do you know, and can you be a 100% sure you didn't get staffed just because keepsprint is blatant af? Edit: For the people who say "don't use it", this is for raging on alts...
  19. R

    Good settings for hypixel pit?

    What are good legit settings? Also what KA doesn't get you banned
  20. E

    bed plates not working

    hello, i play on lunar and when i activate the bedplates, nothing happens. is it a vape bug or am i doing something wrong?