1. K

    lunarclient bedwars low fps

    I'm playing hypixel bedwars with vape v4 on optifine 1.8.9 lunarclient, when I play for about 10 minutes my client fps fluctuates rapidly between 30fps and normal, even if I turn off all enabled features the fps doesn't change, returning to the lobby or restarting a bedwars game returns...
  2. B


    It it 100% safe to use freecam on hypixel skyblock? thanks
  3. D OZ

    Hypixel Settings

    Hi so im playing hypixel with ping range of 130-150 and i hope someone give me the best and most powerful config can i go with and not be blatant cause i play with my main , and also im getting some no hit registration because i think i have some wrong config maybe in reach or velo or even the cps
  4. sol

    hypixel - velocity

    Hi vape forums! so, i'm looking for any velocity settings that can use on hypixel. thanks <3
  5. T

    Hypixel High Ping Config

    I need a really safe config bcs i wanna cheat on MFAs - i have a ping range from 130 to 150 I play Bedwars, Duels and The Pit Anyone have configs? ty
  6. T

    Pit Configs?

    anyone have a mainsafe pit config, with 0 ban risk? how active is staff in the pit atm? good config would be appreciated guys ty
  7. bigimeow

    legit config bedwars hypixel

    Hi i haven't played in a long time need help with some settings, mvp+ NL 120 ping 130 i need settings for silent aura
  8. best silen aura settings for 38ms hypixel bw main ( for both staff and ac)?

    title asks question
  9. Best closet settings for 38ms Hypixel Bedwars ( on main acc)

    I just made a new main account and aim to get that dragon kill effect. I tried playing legit, but since I am already good without cheats, I was always in hacker lobbies, which made me lose hope and annoyed. I just remembered my friend gave me his vape account years ago So like the saying goes...
  10. Z

    Does silent aim for anti-fireball and block-in bypass Hypixel?

  11. Ksmk

    [Request] Best legit settings for Hypixel (150+ ping)

    Title <3
  12. Z

    Settings for New Modules

    What are some of the best settings for the new anti-fireball and block-in for Hypixel? Thanks!
  13. A

    hypixel main banned after 4 years

    hello, today my main account got banned on Hypixel I've been using the same settings for almost 4 years I just got banned today I've never changed it before I wanna know why I got banned I think its because of hitboxes I heard a lot of people have gotten banned because of hitboxes here is my...
  14. I

    What are the best safe closet settings for hypixel?

    What are the best safe closet settings for hypixel? My avg ping: 100-110 Ive heard i need fakelag so please inform me more on this Also can i use fastplace? id also like to use scaffold
  15. W

    Wondering Why I got banned hypixel

    Around 10 months ago I was banned on hypixel for cheating (1 year ban) and with the ban coming to an end soon I want to make sure it doesn't become a perma. Prior to the ban, I hadn't played Minecraft in like 2 months so I kept my settings the same. But when I came back to play on the hypixel...
  16. F

    Are my settings safe for Hypixel?

    I've heard that Hypixel has placed many more anticheat measures than it had a year ago. All I know is that reach is patched but I want to know if my config is detectable and if its safe for main use. I'm quit new, only been cheating for about a week. Average Ping: 60-70ms Autoclicker 16-20...
  17. lustt

    Hypixel Config Banned (feedback)

    Got banned after 1 week (staff ban) with this config: AimAssist Target: Players (Ignore Invisible, behind walls) Horizontal Speed 6 Max Angle 360 Distance 8 "Click Aim, Aim while on target, Strafe increase, Check Block Break" ENABLED AutoClicker 17-20 CPS Randomization - Extra "Hold to Click...
  18. elevate

    clickrecorder =)

    Vape edition (Vape v4, Vape Lite, etc): Either or both :) Suggestion Description: this would be SO USEFUL and almost undetectable if you had a click recorder and player but wait.. hear me out.. yk how you can share configs and shit like that? add a seperate sharing thing but just for clicks that...
  19. T

    Hypixel Mainsafe Pit Configs?

    I am absolutely new to cheating, and wanted to ask if you guys have mainsafe configs for Hypixel Pit, would be really appreciated!