uhc settings

  1. S

    settings for uhcarcane.com

    give me new glade settings plez blatant and no blatant that doesnt get me banned with anticheat
  2. A

    My uhc hypixel settings 9star

    So I'm trying to put my timer setting to 1.07 as that's what I had it as before but I accidentally changed it and the scrolling bar doesn't let me it skips from 0.6 to 0.8 (update) use arrow keys Now for uhc settings I've been using these same settings for a long time but there is still a...
  3. togleXD

    Togle's Hypixel Vape Settings || UHC || Skywars || Practice || Never Banned || Recording ||

    Note: I have never been banned using these settings, and rarely hackusated. I only got banned on my main because I increased reach to 3.9 and turned on keepsprint + criticals, but at that point in time I didn't play, and I didn't care for the game so yeah. However I didn't use the autoclicker...