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is 4,2 reach safe for 250ms?

Discussion in 'Settings' started by Myxo, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. Myxo

    Myxo New Member

    title ^^
  2. Noptin

    Noptin Member

  3. Myxo

    Myxo New Member

    Do you have any recommended settings i should use for ranked skywars? im looking to not get banned on my main
  4. animosity

    animosity New Member

  5. Daruh

    Daruh Active Member

    in hypixel yes
  6. TerribleCheater

    TerribleCheater Active Member

    It depends on the server. If you're referring to Hypixel, it PROBABLY wouldn't ban you for 4.2, but would very blatant and could set off some logs if you use it incorrectly.
    I would recommend turning it down to 4 blocks, 4.2 doesn't really help that much against legit players; their reach is 3 blocks, so you already have a block advantage.
    Watch out for known players/youtubers, they might be recording and report you, or message a moderator to spectate you.
  7. Daruh

    Daruh Active Member

    3.5-4.0 its fine
  8. Micheal1990

    Micheal1990 Member

    I mean its fine if your ping above 250
  9. GamerOfGamers

    GamerOfGamers Active Member

  10. TerribleCheater

    TerribleCheater Active Member

    Those are too blatant for watchdog to NOT pick up on it. Also, ChestSteal probably wasn’t the reason you were banned, it was probably your combat modules (reach, velocity)
  11. GamerOfGamers

    GamerOfGamers Active Member

    no, chest steal was the reason I got banned, I was using my combat settings in ranked skywars, then i joined a mega game and used chest steal and right when I opened a chest and chest steal took the items out I got banned. Watchdog cant detect reach and horizontal velocity

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