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Best settings for bedwars (as a 1400 stars)

Discussion in 'Settings' started by Manhal_iq_, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. Manhal_iq_

    Manhal_iq_ New Member

    hey i need best vape v3 GRIND settings that doesn't get me ban neither by watchdog nor staff
    for hypixel bedwars
  2. MastaNub

    MastaNub Active Member

    4 block reach. 9-14 autoclicker
    its bedwars
  3. are you serious? i need bedwars settings aswell
  4. GamerOfGamers

    GamerOfGamers Active Member

    4 blocks reach.... that’s gonna get you banned
  5. JIYNN

    JIYNN New Member


    Click Aim : yes

    Invisibles: no

    Through Blocks: no

    Aim while on target yes

    Strafe increase no

    Check block break: yes

    Aim Vertically: No

    Horizontal Speed X (change to anything you want)

    Max Angle: 80-100

    Distance: 3.8

    Limit on items: Axes and Swords


    Inventory Fill: yes

    Blockhit: no

    Break Blocks: yes

    CPS: 13.0 - 14.0

    Right Click Mode: nope

    Limit on items: Swords and Axes


    Range: 3.1

    Misplace: off (on if you wanna record)

    Vertical Check: On

    Only while sprinting: On

    Disable in water : On


    Horizontal: 90%

    Vertical 100.0%

    Chance 100.0%

    Only while targeting: no

    Water check: yes

    Kite mode: no



    Mode: Hypixel

    Remove bots: yes
  6. MastaNub

    MastaNub Active Member

    eh 4 blocking works for me lol
  7. Imsobad

    Imsobad Member

    You’re fake manhal
  8. WonderIf

    WonderIf Active Member

    How do you know?
  9. Sajit

    Sajit New Member

    Hypixel News here,
  10. legitplayer

    legitplayer Member

    you are right but 3.5 or 3.7 works well
  11. PartSmart

    PartSmart New Member

    4 block reach is undetectable, ive been using it for like 8 months now and never banned but youll get lots of hackusations since its pretty obv your using reach

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