1. fanta

    Hypixel Cheating Guide 2023

    Hypixel Cheating Guide 2023 Important Information > This is a guide for people who want to stay undetected on their main while still having a strong advantage. While yes, you could use 4.2 and 0 100 on your main and not get banned for upwards of a few months or years. It is NOT safe. > There...
  2. SussyPotion

    config for pit and bedwars

    hello i only play pit and bedwars idk anything about clients i just wanna closet without getting banned or sussed ping is 30-35
  3. YesItsWaffle


    Hypixel Closet Cheating Guide (2023) This guide goes over several of the most popular gamemodes on Hypixel. THESE CONFIGS ARE MAIN SAFE. Read this first before going straight to the configs: - This guide may be not completely up to date 100% of the time in the event that any staff/watchdog...
  4. R

    I got new level 1 account

    hey i am wondering what settings a level 1 account can use without being banned like for bedwars skywars duels and pit ty for reading and hope u can help me with good setting so i wont get banned 103 ms level 1 account tho
  5. T

    What level of reach can I use as someone with 220-250ms ping on hypixel? (closet)

    I know this has been asked but I am just confirming. I use 3.1-3.3 and just wanna check that it's ok to use that and not get banned.
  6. Wolff

    Kill Aura Toggle (70-80ms) Hypixel Bedwars

    I currently have a pretty legit config but I’d like something like a keybind that toggles kill aura or bhop, just something to get out of those situations. Also if possible I’d like it to not be insanely detectable but I wouldn’t be toggling it too often. Thank you
  7. Xarchiiii

    Blatant setting w beanernet for bedwars

    I saw a video where a guy use beanernet for bypass autoblock flags, someone knows osmething?
  8. pqzyy

    anyone wanna closet cheat in bedwars together (i will give u gamepass code :) )

    i am just really bored and i wanna grind stats on a fresh acc lmk if ur down to play
  9. peeqa

    Best Hypixel Settings

    Hey, I know this probably has been posted a lot, but what are the best settings for Hypixel (mainly Bedwars) on Vape V4? I've found a few posts with good settings for Hypixel, but they all say Vape Lite or don't say anything about the client. I don't really know the difference, but considering...
  10. Wolff

    Help with settings (65-75ms)

    What would be good closet/semi-legit settings for bedwars and tnt tag? This is for a ranked main account, I don't mind if it'll cause a few hackusations, just hopefully not a ton lol could the settings please include: scaffold autoclicker right clicker/fastplace aim assist velocity (+ kite...
  11. bigimeow

    legit aura

    yo I've seen many posts saying legit aura is now detected and some others saying they roll backed wcdog update, can i use it rn or detected
  12. H

    German bedwars

    Аyone can give me good settings for german bedwars please. I can mouseabuse and my max cps is 70+. But I want to have best knockback with hand too, but yet seems legit. I need blatant and kickable modules settings because I can use it on one server but deactivate on another.
  13. dekkzz

    are the settings safe?

    are the settings safe for hypixel?:) for bedwars and skywars ac: 12.5-16.7 with Extra Randomization rightClicker:14.5-19.2 reach: 3.2-3.2 Sprint: on Velocity: 95% 100% 100% Esp: 2D scaffold: Legit, 68-97 Fastplace: 2
  14. dekkzz

    fps drops with vape v4

    i get around 790-810 fps normally in hypixel bedwars but with vape v4 only 240-300 is that normal?
  15. C

    Good bedwars settings

    What is a good complete hypixel bedwars config? I normally get 60-90 ping
  16. bigimeow

    no ban yet mvp+ 130 ms

    been using these settings for months without a ban, i seem pretty blatant in game e.g. while godbridging or legit scaffold+fastplace ofc most of them are keybinded could i increase velo? 65 100 100 and what about killaura
  17. Jewlah

    Hypixel Bedwars Vape Lite

    Here's my hypixel settings. I usually play bedwars. I have MVP+, a few lunar cosmetics, lvl 57 so I dont want to lose it. I know these settings are safe stfu if you think otherwise because your wrong. AutoClicker 9 - 14 Hold to click Blockhit (auto) Inventory Fill Break Blocks Extra...
  18. D

    I need help finding good settings for hypixel bedwars/skywars

    Hi guys, I just bought Vape Lite and I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with the settings. I have 0 clues on what settings I should toggle. Could someone with experience tell me some good settings for hypixel bedwars/skywars? My ping is constantly at 110. Kind Regards
  19. V

    Legis skywars settings 200ms

    Hello, i need settings for skywars 200ms i need features: AimAssist AutoClicker Reach Velocity Hitbox if you can say pls :)
  20. V

    Vape settings skywars insane ms 200

    Привет, не могли бы вы посоветовать мне легальные настройки для скайварс и бедварс, у меня пинг 200+ мс, буду признателен.