1. F

    Optimal Blatant Settings For MINEMEN CLUB

    I'm looking for the most blatant settings without quick detection (MINEMEN CLUB)
  2. H

    Secret bhop

    One guy yesterday showed me bhop on vape and he said all you need to do is change some settings. No extra files nothing. I asked him how and he said he didn't wanna tell me but then he gave me a hint, he said "aimassist has strafe" or something like that. And then I got banned bcs I was using...
  3. H

    hypixel detections for velocity, keepsprint

    Does keepsprint get you watchdog banned after some time or is it only staff bans? And for velocity, I am trying to make a flagless blatant config so I wanna ask, does 0 100 100 velocity bypass? (idk about ticks rn I am using 0) If not, what velocity settings should I use? I don't care about...
  4. Yeah_Jack

    Yeah Jack's Blatant BlockDrop Config

    Config Showcase: Config Code: 687e6ea3-d9b6-4d73-8d2c-716ed970199d GUI Bind: . Server-IP:
  5. Muffined

    KillAura Improvements

    Vape edition (Vape v4, Vape Lite, etc): V4 Suggestion Description: This isn't just your average "AdD a HYpiXeL AuTObLoCk PleAsE" post, these are some genuine QoL improvements that I believe would be helpful, although obviously not in every use case! (Some of these will sound dumb, you'll just...
  6. maxwalkss

    Vape V4 Blatant scaffold

    Does the blatant scaffold bypass, if so what setting?
  7. maxwalkss

    Is there a current B-hop that bypasses on Hypixel (speed, longjump)?

  8. N


    vape v4 Please update it so that certain categories of items can be set to a specific slot. It's very annoying only being able to bind 1 item to each slot. For example, you could set slot one to sword, where it sorts the best sword you have to slot 1, or set all wool types to slot 2. This could...
  9. J

    What are the most blatant settings you can use on Vape Lite for Hypixel without getting auto banned by Watchdog? Does Watchdog announce bans anymore?

    Back in the day, I could use max velocity and reach and not get auto banned by the anti cheat. I was using 3.4-3.6 reach, MAX velocity for Hori and Vert on Hypixel today. I got banned. When I got banned, my friends said that nothing showed in chat so does that mean it was a staff ban or...
  10. P

    Bhopping on Hypixel with Vape V4

  11. K

    Has anyone a legit and blatant config ?

    Hey, i want to ask if anyone have a legit and a blatant config for hypixel?
  12. xzol

    Vape and Hypixel Ping

    greetings to all guys who knows why, after I turn on Blatant, the Hypixel server starts to lag a lot? When Blatant is disabled, I have a stable ping, and when enabled, it already jumps from 280 to 300 ms What is the reason for this? Is this how the client works? But surprisingly, the ping...
  13. Needle

    Bhop/speed on invadedlands/cold/sage

    Coldnetwork/SagePvP - use longjump and set the value to 0 Invaded - Just use speed on bhop mode
  14. Lucivr

    Blatant Hypixel

    Yo, anyone got a good config for Blatantcheating on Hypixel, for The Pit and Bedwars?
  15. Neki

    Hit select in killaura

    Vape edition (Vape v4, Vape Lite, etc): Vape v4 Suggestion Description: Hit select in KillAura Video Reference (Not required):
  16. G


    Modules that benefit aura: Keepsprint Sprint NoSlowdown (WILL FLAG FASTER THAN KEEPSPRINT, RECOMMEND KEEPSPRINT) Aura Settings (BLATANT SWITCH): Attacks Per Second: 8-10 (DO NOT RECOMMEND GOING ABOVE 10 APS) Target: NONE Switch Delay: 400 (If using multi-target set to whatever) Swing Range: 4.3...
  17. meowmeow

    meowmeow's BLATANT Hypixel Config (UPDATED 2023)

    No longer updated but should still work. Like with any client; blatant cheating is not safe nor is it sustainable. Only use this if you're willing to risk a ban (green modules should make you last until staff, yellow might get you anticheat banned if detections changed since I last updated...
  18. ReeeeeeeeviL

    250 ms Alt Settings

    semi-blatant settings for v4, for a high fkdr alt and fast games
  19. Blatantmode

    need semi blatant sett for hypixel bedwars

    idk how i play in fucking hypixel bedwars but actually im play and i need semi blatant settings for bedwars because the already banal reach 4.0, hitboxes 0.99 do not help
  20. Badamazingplop

    Blatant/semi blatant hypixel

    Can I have settings for cheating on an alt and i would prefer it to last for like a week till getting banned. Can I have moduels for. I'll mostly be on bedwars. Reach Aim assist Scaffold Velo Legit aura Hitboxes