What are the most blatant settings you can use on Vape Lite for Hypixel without getting auto banned by Watchdog? Does Watchdog announce bans anymore?


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Back in the day, I could use max velocity and reach and not get auto banned by the anti cheat. I was using 3.4-3.6 reach, MAX velocity for Hori and Vert on Hypixel today. I got banned. When I got banned, my friends said that nothing showed in chat so does that mean it was a staff ban or Watchdog? Does Watchdog still show up in public chat when it bans someone cause the ban message doesn't say Watchdog anymore.

So what are the most blatant settings that won't get me auto banned by Watchdog? I don't want to closet so just give me the max settings one can use without getting banned by Watchdog and can someone explain if I was banned by Watchdog or staff?

I mostly want to know the max settings for Velocity, Reach, and Hitboxes.
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Jul '21
You got banned by Watchdog, because:

Vertical velocity bans. (Horizontal works)
Hitboxes ban.
4.0 reach should still work but based on some recent info Hypixel toggles a 3.3 reach check sometimes, so it might be risky.

Someone else will have to confirm the chat thing, but it could be a one-off glitch of the message not displaying in chat.
Watchdog ban message is now just "cheating/unfair advatages".