watchdog bypass

  1. C

    reach and backtrack (why cant you use both at the same time)

    i was just wondering why vape doesn't let you use both at the same time, since other clients let you
  2. C

    Can Hypixel detect clutch?

    It looks and feels so hacker like so im wondering if watchdog can detect and ban me for it
  3. YesItsWaffle


    Hypixel Closet Cheating Guide (2023) This guide goes over several of the most popular gamemodes on Hypixel. THESE CONFIGS ARE MAIN SAFE. NEW REACH/VELO CHECKS ADDED TO HYPIXEL - USE TOURNAMENT CONFIG FOR NOW Read this first before going straight to the configs: - This guide may be not...
  4. meowmeow

    [UPDATED GUIDE] Hypixel Detections

    Discontinued although this will still be relevant for a long time as most of these detections don't change much. Updated guide of what bypasses on Hypixel, inspired by this thread: Includes all modules + legit...
  5. meowmeow

    meowmeow's BLATANT Hypixel Config (UPDATED 2023)

    No longer updated but should still work. Like with any client; blatant cheating is not safe nor is it sustainable. Only use this if you're willing to risk a ban (green modules should make you last until staff, yellow might get you anticheat banned if detections changed since I last updated...
  6. meowmeow

    Criticals hypixel bypass

    Criticals - Anticheat bypass on Hypixel, apparently. I was using criticals - anticheat for 45 min (in total lasted like 1,5 hours blatant cheating) in skywars along with killaura and autoblock etc. Criticals don't ban. Enjoy, if you like blatant cheating.
  7. S

    Still not banned??

    My Hypixel Pit settings I have been using constantly without toggling off for over 4 months. My question is, why is everyone in forums using max 3.3 reach and im over here blatantly with 4.2 nonstop 60-80-100 velo Aim assist 4-6 180 5 Autoclicker 7-13 Killaura (Legitaura) 2 targets, ignore...
  8. Belligerently

    I need some undetected settings for rbw/bw for lite that won’t flag watchidog. (I need closet settings)

    @IncognitoDoge @rofl any settings?
  9. Belligerently

    Will this config get u ban?

    Config id: 9d44bea8-3270-4263- bbcc-71144d11752c I don’t know what the settings rlly are, btw I on 36 ms on hypixel
  10. Belligerently

    Does vape lite work on feather client 1.18.2?

  11. Belligerently

    This is debatable but is 3.1 to 3.3 reach and 0.04 hitboxes + 75% velocity safe for bedwsrs

    ^Title^ could u use like 0.1 hitboxes + 3.1 - 3.4 reach and 85% velo and not get ban by staff or by watchdog? Could u use 0.04 hitboxes + 3.1 - 3.4 reach + 85% velo + KeepSprint + toggle kill aura with 3.4 attack range and 6 swing range with 35 angle? I’m on 34 ms normally.
  12. Belligerently

    Are these good settings for Sumo and Murder Mystery?

    Murder Mystery: Murderfinder item esp whitelist gold nametags/esp reach: 4.0 hitboxes: .2 Sumo duels: Autoclicker: 16-20 Aim assist: any Reach: 3.1-3.4 Velocity: 80h 100v 100c I on 34 ms normally. I’m on my MVP++ lvl. 69 main acc.
  13. Belligerently

    Again are these good settings for 34 ms main MVP++ Acc

    This dude gave me these settings for my MVP++ main acc on 30 ms to 75 ms, here they are: Duels/skywars: Autoclicker: 16-20 Aim assist: any Reach: 3.1-3.2 Velocity: 90h 100v 100c Sumo duels: Autoclicker: 16-20 Aim assist: any Reach: 3.1-3.4 Velocity: 80h 100v 100c (The reason these are higher...
  14. Belligerently

    Ok im looking for settings for my MVP++ Main Acc with level 68

    So this dude said these settings, aren’t they kinda blatant? I replied: thx, r the sumo setttings kinda blatant?? Aren’t the murder mystery ones kinda blatant to? I’m on my main and don’t wanna get ban, the thing is I want to use those settings but I don’t have an alt I need someone who maybe...
  15. Belligerently

    Any good settings for MVP++ level 68 main acc

    Ya they need to be good for game modes like classic, uhc duels, skywars, skywars duels, bedwars, sumo, and murder mystery! I play mostly classic, uhc duels and bedwars if anyone can I need a few alts for hacking on!
  16. Belligerently

    Questions as well as Settings for murder mystery on my main MVP++ ACC?

    Current Settings: AntiDebuff ESP Explosions FullBright Hitboxes = 0.04 ItemESP MurderFinder NameTags Projectiles Reach = 3.0-3.2 Sprint StorageESP Trajectories Velocity = 90, 100, 90, Anti Combo WTap = 0.0 to 3.2 Can I use KeepSprint or is that to blatant for 30 to 75 ms Or do I need an alt...
  17. Belligerently

    Hypixel Legit scaffold settings for 25 - 45 ms

    Looking for legit scaffolding settings for 25 - 45 ms, my current settings are 62 ms - 132 ms randomization My reach is like 3.0 - 3.2 is that the perfect amount? Is 0.04 hitboxes good also? How do you get higher fkdr + wlr + wins with hacking? I’m on my MVP++ main
  18. D

    Hypixel Closet Settings

    Tittle says it all. I want to dip my toes into the water of closet cheating and recently purchased a copy of vape lite, My main is a black plus and I don’t want it to get banned. (I payed for a ton of mvp++) my current settings (non hypixel) Reach 3.0-3.3 Velo 95%H 100%V 95%C No ac or aim...
  19. Happy karambit

    WatchDog bot

    i was in a uhc game and this bot started circling around about 3 times in one game to be exact, does that mean anything like my settings are way to high and the bot is detecting something or is that normal or something?
  20. S

    Question about two functions

    Is it possible to get a ban on a watchdog for using keepspint and strafe, I use everything at once and it seems that I haven’t received a ban yet, I also use 0.25 hitboxes and 3.3-3.5 misplace. Waiting for a response from the professionals, thanks if that Strafe : distance 4.0 blocks, speed...