watchdog bypass

  1. Lautaro

    I got ban on Hypixel be careful

    Today I was playing duels on hypixel, I was using if I remember correctly, Velocity (H79 V85 C89), Also use AC (10-14CPS), Reach (3.5-3.7), AimAssist (Horizontal 5.4 - Distance 3.7), Antibot and Hitboxes to 0.1. I'm very sad for me so you know how to be careful just that. A big greeting for...
  2. :))

    94% chance u won't get banned settings.(Hypixel)

    Reach: 3.1 misplace checked Aim assist: Whatever tbh Velocity: 87 horiz 95 vert 100 chance / don't use kite Fast place: Delay 2 / Only blocks checked Autoclicker: 10 - 15 *DON'T USE TIMER!*