vape v4

  1. T

    Lunar Client Offline Account Changer Lunar Client can't use vape v4 offline account changer :(
  2. Shoffli

    Bring the old GUI back!

    So basically, since I'm a big Merryzz fan and I want to make oldschool Vape content, I really miss the old GUI. It got removed when Vape V4.11 released and it just makes me sad to see the old GUI and almost 30% of modules just getting removed. :C
  3. S


    This cannot be true. Vape V4 now has only 4 block reach? Or can there be more reach when applying a number manually?
  4. Drinklemons

    Hitboxes Suggestion

    Add an option to Hitboxes to include/exclude certain entities, or add an option like Killaura has to target Neutral/Players/Hostiles/Passives . Hypixel recently reverted their Hitboxes patch and it's really annoying trying to fight someone and randomly hitting an armor stand or another mob
  5. S

    I give 2 euro paypal to those who send me 1.16 pvp seting with criticel (but it has to work, the first one gets 2 euro paypal discord subhan#3657

    I give 2 euro paypal to those who send me 1.16 pvp seting with criticel (but it has to work, the first one gets 2 euro paypal discord subhan#3657 Vape v4
  6. GurkGrillarn69

    What is the latest mc version you can use vape v4 on?

    Is it still forge 1.16.5 ? or even newer version?
  7. L

    HitDelayFix for Vape

    Vape edition (Vape v4, Vape Lite, etc): Vape v4 Suggestion Description: Add's HitDelayFix as a module in Vape under Combat category. This is a hugely advantageous (and usually undetectable) feature that pre-1.8 clients already have. It would be extremely easy to add as the source code...
  8. SKOPI

    scaffold additon

    in merryzz videos he uses the camera mod which can rotate your head server side for scaffold. its pretty buggy but it works. i think vape should add that into scaffold. other clients like rise have it.
  9. D

    Vape 4 or Vape Lite for Legit on Lunar Client?

    I want to try Vape but I dont know which version is better and if I can inject it on the lunar client. I read some Threads and I'm unsure.
  10. L

    How do I remove vape v4 logs from echo or other stuff

    I have vape v4 but I removed it because I want to use vape lite only to closet (ill buy lite when i can remove v4 were it doesn't detect on echo etc) but it detects on echo etc could you help me please, I have uninstalled and reinstalled windows, I have done ccleaner please help. I just want to...
  11. E

    Very Laggy ESP

    hello can someone help me with this issue cause i dont have any idea what i can do? i got this problem in fullscreen, window mode on other clients and on new OS. In other ESP modes everything is okay but 2D esp is veryy bug Here is a screenshot (sorry for bad quality) (VAPE V4) link to video...
  12. pogama

    Move mouse while stealing option

    Vape edition (Vape v4, Vape Lite, etc):Vape V4 Suggestion Description:It will move your cursor before stealing with cheststeal so it seems more legit. It could also be useful for refill too. Video Reference (Not required):N/A
  13. Exx96

    desktop application vape icon

    idk if im allowed to post this but i just made a few icons bc i was sick of looking at the windows default application icon Vape Circle.png and Vape Square.png are slightly less blurry- unless you have a high res monitor i wouldnt recommend using Vape V4 Circle.png or Vape V4 Square.png steps...
  14. Neki

    Clutch Custom Speed

    Vape edition (Vape v4, Vape Lite, etc): Vape v4 Suggestion Description: It would be nice to change the speed of pointing and speed of setting blocks for the module Clutch, because sometimes it is very slow trying to put the blocks in case you fall down
  15. S

    Vape v4 Badlion Crash

    Everytime i play with vape v4 on badlion it crashes. It doesn't crash immediately maybe like 10-20 min of playing. I dont know why but it just crashes mid game. Does anybody have a solution?
  16. pop

    Add trajectories to indicators

    Edition: Vape V4 Suggestion: In Vape V4, we have an Indicators module that draws arrows on the screen when projectiles are nearby. It would be nice if it could also calculate the trajectory of those projectiles. For example, let's say your enemy is throwing a fireball at you while you're...
  17. T


    I keep contacting vape for a refund request but there not answering my email. Im trying to refund because I bought vape v4 and it doesnt really work for me. I can only play 1.8.9 with it on lunar, the mods are not working like reach, fly, ect, and everytime I do something I get lagged back with...
  18. pop

    Can I get banned for flying in Hypixel Housing?

    I'm playing with Vape V4 on main account and sometimes when I get really bored I just go and play some hypixel housing parkour maps. I'm wondering if I can get banned for flying on those parkour houses if nobody see me using fly?
  19. W

    Mineplex Gladiators config.

    I have seen the previous posts on this, but now Vape has Backtrack, Timer and a new Killaura, I don't know how to config it. Thanks! Something that won't be picked up by AC pls, coz I don't have an alt XD...
  20. soledbycaua

    steam gift card payment

    i would like to know if is possible to buy vape v4 monthly with steam gift because in the alternative payments it say 10 dollars gift card vape lite 35 dollars vape v4 lifetime 50 dollars vape lite lifetime but i dont see vape v4 mothly on it and i would know if i can use a 10 dollars...