1. riya1234

    best settings for hypixel bedwars and skywars cheating?

    i need to be good but dont wanna get banned yk i need some good settings
  2. A

    Vape V4 Skywars

    A very good configuration for skywars that there is no ban on the servers? Is there any really good configuration for skywars? I have 2 alts banned and I have used extremely soft configurations.
  3. M

    Killaura goes out after one round in 1.8.9 and has to turn it back on manually

    Hello! My problem is in 1.8.9 that Killaura is automatically deactivated after a completed round. I have to activate it again manually... Eg I lost a skywars round and go to a new game then I have to activate Killaur again. But when I win the round Killaura stays on strangely... Can someone...
  4. N


    vape v4 Please update it so that certain categories of items can be set to a specific slot. It's very annoying only being able to bind 1 item to each slot. For example, you could set slot one to sword, where it sorts the best sword you have to slot 1, or set all wool types to slot 2. This could...
  5. V

    GUidisabler for skywar

    sometimes when i blockhit in a small room i will offen open some chest sometimes when i press W and i will press E when i hitting players so if a guidisabler will help a lot like auto disable gui (backpack , chest etc ) when some in aura like auto disable gui when someone within X blocks it...
  6. YesItsWaffle


    Hypixel Closet Cheating Guide (2023) This guide goes over several of the most popular gamemodes on Hypixel. THESE CONFIGS ARE MAIN SAFE. NEW REACH/VELO CHECKS ADDED TO HYPIXEL - USE TOURNAMENT CONFIG FOR NOW Read this first before going straight to the configs: - This guide may be not...
  7. S

    Chest stealer settings for main?

    Hi I was wondering how detectable chest stealer is and if it's safe to use on main, I wanted to use it for hypixel skywars/blitz. I don't mind a high delay I'm just slow at looting
  8. R

    I got new level 1 account

    hey i am wondering what settings a level 1 account can use without being banned like for bedwars skywars duels and pit ty for reading and hope u can help me with good setting so i wont get banned 103 ms level 1 account tho
  9. C

    Hylex config? is a good server

    Its a big brazilian server that have a good anti cheat, i have got 3 bans already, with the same config of hypixel, anyone have a secure config? (Hylex isnt hypixel)
  10. dekkzz

    Vape v4 blatant settings hypixel skywars

    What are good blatant settings for hypixel skywars? 150-170 ms ( who doesn’t get you watchdog banned, only staff banned )
  11. dekkzz

    are the settings safe?

    are the settings safe for hypixel?:) for bedwars and skywars ac: 12.5-16.7 with Extra Randomization rightClicker:14.5-19.2 reach: 3.2-3.2 Sprint: on Velocity: 95% 100% 100% Esp: 2D scaffold: Legit, 68-97 Fastplace: 2
  12. Y

    Settings for Hypixel SW/BW 90 ms

    hi I need you guys to tell me what to change in my current V4 settings for skywars/bw maybe rbw in the future (90 ping/ms) @IncognitoDoge help me out AA: 3.1 V, 6.2 H, 84 MA, 3.3 D AC (I really need a new one for better hit reg 90 ms): 16-18 REACH: 3.08-3.22 SPRINT: on VELO: 90 100 100, water...
  13. V

    Legis skywars settings 200ms

    Hello, i need settings for skywars 200ms i need features: AimAssist AutoClicker Reach Velocity Hitbox if you can say pls :)
  14. V

    Vape settings skywars insane ms 200

    Привет, не могли бы вы посоветовать мне легальные настройки для скайварс и бедварс, у меня пинг 200+ мс, буду признателен.
  15. pltf

    Need settings for ranked sw. 140 - 170ms

    Yo, I need good not blatant settings for ranked skywars. I'll play on my main acc with mvp++ and almost 170 lvl hypixel
  16. Badamazingplop

    Rsw legit settings

    Title (I'm new to rsw) 100ms Also question: would fast place with delay 1 get me banned by staff over a long period of time using it and spamming blocks?
  17. C

    Does phase work on low ping ?

    I've been using phase on hypixel pretty easily but on servers where i have a good ping i just cant use it
  18. Badamazingplop

    Vape v4 legit skyward settings

    Hey I have been using these settings for a while on Hypixel insane skywars ( and sometimes on ranked skywars) and I have been getting hackusated alot can someone tell me if these settings safe or if I'm dumb and gonna get staff banned. I'm using on main AA: default Reach: 3-3.1 Scaffold...
  19. U

    hypixel skywars

    is 3.30-3.35 reach too much? getting 6-7 kill wins a lot 15-19 cps ac 85 100 90 velo Vape lite btw
  20. U

    Hypixel Skywars.

    Okay, so, the thing is. My friend gave me his account (hypixel level 70, Mvp++.) to get him good skywars stats. I am 17 stars in skywars on my main and I mostly play legit but I recently got vape lite and was curious what setting do I use not to get him banned (watchdog or atlas ban) but win...