1. T

    Hypixel High Ping Config

    I need a really safe config bcs i wanna cheat on MFAs - i have a ping range from 130 to 150 I play Bedwars, Duels and The Pit Anyone have configs? ty
  2. A

    Hypixel settings classic duel

    Hi i play on hypixel with 130 ms and i set a ping rage of 20 ms to play with people that have similar ping, My settings are : Reach: 3.1-3.3 Autoclick: 15-20 Aim assist: 30-60-360 and i am a very good rod player, but i still get claped, like a lot by other players what am i doing wrong...
  3. YesItsWaffle


    Hypixel Closet Cheating Guide (2023) This guide goes over several of the most popular gamemodes on Hypixel. THESE CONFIGS ARE MAIN SAFE. NEW REACH/VELO CHECKS ADDED TO HYPIXEL - USE TOURNAMENT CONFIG FOR NOW Read this first before going straight to the configs: - This guide may be not...
  4. R

    I got new level 1 account

    hey i am wondering what settings a level 1 account can use without being banned like for bedwars skywars duels and pit ty for reading and hope u can help me with good setting so i wont get banned 103 ms level 1 account tho
  5. HIRVI

    are these settings safe to use on hypixel 150-160 ms

    autoclick 16-20 hold click,inventory fill,hit select,break block delay 0-10,blockhit, extra random aim assist target player ignore invisible and behind walls,click aim,aim on target,check block break,vertical 8,horizontal 8,max angle 100,distance 5 reach 3.1-3.2 vertical check and disable...
  6. RacksCameIn

    Are my settings safe for OP duels on hypixel? 150-160~ ping. (Playing on main)

    I'm Mvp++ and playing nicked. Combat - AA : Vertical Speed 5, Horizontal Speed 5, Max Angle 10, Distance 4.5. Click Aim, Aim while on target, Aim Vertically. AC : 14.7-20, Blockhit - Auto, Hold to click, Inventory fill, Extra Randomization. Reach : 3 - 3.3, Vertical Check, Only while...
  7. Belligerently

    Ok im looking for settings for my MVP++ Main Acc with level 68

    So this dude said these settings, aren’t they kinda blatant? I replied: thx, r the sumo setttings kinda blatant?? Aren’t the murder mystery ones kinda blatant to? I’m on my main and don’t wanna get ban, the thing is I want to use those settings but I don’t have an alt I need someone who maybe...
  8. X4Life3

    Hypixel Tyrant Duels Settings

    17a2e88f-d1b9-409b-9f61-33583b1f3b56 HYPIXEL TYRANT DUEL BLATANT ENABLED Esp / Anything You Want AntiBot / Remove Bots AimAssist / Click Aim / Aim While On Target Horizontal Speed - 10 Max Angle - 30 Distance - 5 AutoClicker / BlockHit / Limit To Items Clicks Per Second - 17.0 - 20.0 Reach...
  9. X4Life3

    Hypixel Tyrant Sumo Settings

    86284aff-3bce-4c9e-aee0-82a0f6623714 HYPIXEL TYRANT SUMO BLATANT ENABLED Esp / Anything You Want AntiBot / Remove Bots AimAssist / Click Aim / Aim While On Target Horizontal Speed - 10 Max Angle - 30 Distance - 5 AutoClicker / BlockHit Clicks Per Second - 17.0 - 20.0 Reach Range - 3.1 - 3.3...
  10. C

    Will these settings get dogged? (blatant)

    Iv been using these for a month now on my main in bedwars and op duels haven't got banned yet so I think it doesn't get dogged. auto clicker - 17-20, others optional aim assist - H 95, V95, Distance 0-5, Angle 180, optional reach - 3,65- 4,20, optional right clicker - 17-20, optional l...
  11. H

    The Seraph Mod

    So I heard about a duels stat mod called, "Seraph", and was wondering if anyone knows about this mod, whether it is public or not, and if anyone can hmu with the discord server invite.
  12. A

    Request: Legit kill aura settings for duels

    i get 25-50 ping but i use 100 delay on beanernet i want kill aura settings that wont get me banned on my main vape v3 hypixel
  13. A

    Request: Skywars duels settings

    i get like 25-50 ping i can use beanernet though vape v3 hypixel i wanna go as blatant as i can without staff or watchdog ban my guild is having a guild vs guild so i need these quick
  14. A

    Request:OP duels settings

    my guild always gets on the op leaderboard and i was wondering if anyone had ghost settings for it Vape v3 25-50 ping but i can use beanernet
  15. A

    Request: Classic duel settings

    i get like 25-50 ping but i use beanernet so it looks like im from africa i need settings that will win me every game without a staff or watchdog ban theres a guy named 30RIP who got a 430 winstreak in like 5 hours and he hasnt been banned so i want what ever the fuck hes using Also how much kb...
  16. A

    Request: Over powered uhc duels settings

    i get like 25-50 ping. i want to get legends in uhc duels (2000) wins. i dont want a staff ban or watchdog ban. Vape lite (badlion client) Hypixel
  17. A

    Request: Sumo duels settings

    i get like 25-50 ping but if i use beanernet my friends say it looks like im from africa so pings not a problem i use vape v3 and i want sumo duels settings that wont get me a ban