What is the Best bhop settings that will not get be banned immediately on hypixel

Discussion in 'Settings' started by Justus, Mar 27, 2020 at 12:33 AM.

  1. Justus

    Justus New Member

    Im looking to bhop on hypixel uhc but last time i did it i was banned pretty fast, also the bhop for hypixel didn't work. Is this just me or did hypixel do something with their anti cheat.
    Thanks in advance
  2. Dual

    Dual Active Member

    none, unless you're talking about a different client
  3. woahvicky

    woahvicky Member

    It's patched rn lol
  4. noicer

    noicer New Member

    i dont think its patched anymore lmao, spent like 3 hours bhopping yesterday before finally getting banned
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  5. woahvicky

    woahvicky Member

    NICE btw is longjump or fly patched?
  6. XxWhLiePVP

    XxWhLiePVP New Member

    I think bhop in hypixel mode will be banned in three minutes
  7. Dual

    Dual Active Member


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