This settings bypass hypixel watchdog?

Discussion in 'Settings' started by Dernaxx, Dec 2, 2019 at 2:13 PM.

  1. Dernaxx

    Dernaxx New Member

    This settings are undetectable or bypass hypixel watchdog unnoticed by the players? 70-110ms

    Aim Assist
    H - 3
    V - 2
    Check block break
    Only while targeting

    8 - 12
    Break Blocks


    I want to have a little advantage but I don’t wanna be noticed by anyone so, this settings are pretty secure on hypixel? (the pit, bed wars)
  2. i wouldnt use vertical aim assist other then that you should be fine if you turn horizontal up to 10 your most likely not gonna get banned
  3. legitplayer

    legitplayer Member

    they only banned a few people for using 10 aim assist os it is almost 100% safe

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