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May '22
I think its a lot more complex, I doubt theres just a simple way to just make it mostly be an advantage. even if its something super small, say you aim slightly more to the right since the close point is the far right edge, youre still risking that youll slip off slightly easier if the target strafes to the left at the cost of a minuscule more reach. a consistent 3.0 reach with 100% accuracy is better than 3.05 when 10% more of your attacks slip off. wheres the middleground? idk, my point is nobody else is realizing this and just acts like its always an advantage. its not! and I estimate its a net disadvantage on the whole, but its usually just a gimmick and does very little either way
Yeah getting to the middle ground between center & multipoint is kind of hard
Again, most clients won't focus on the nearest hit vector 100% of the time, iirc drip lite has a decent multipoint and you don't slip off when using it because it doesn't go straight for the nearest hit vector.