Best Hypixel settings (20-50 ping) to get Diamond Division in Ranked Skywars

Discussion in 'Settings' started by GamerOfGamers, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. GamerOfGamers

    GamerOfGamers Member

    Yes, I get 20-50 ping and I'm trying to get Diamond Division in Hypixel skywars, I may/may not want to record and I'm not trying to get banned (Watchdog).
  2. Baister

    Baister Member

    Just don't be stupid, use your common sense when choosing settings. I would recommend <3.4 reach and 6-13 cps, aimassist <5 and velocity >90%
  3. legitplayer

    legitplayer Member

    that is bullcrap on the aim assist if you want to you can use 10 and never get banned also some popular very closet profiles have up to 3.6 reach so that is kind of bullcrap also for velocity you can use a hell of a lot less all the way down to 80
  4. Baister

    Baister Member

    Agreed, however I usually stay on the safe side to not get banned (either by watchdog or mods). Again, better safe than sorry
  5. legitplayer

    legitplayer Member

    watchdog is crap mods are not always however most of them are too busy playing dead games or teaming with cheaters if they are sfarnham

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