1. M

    killaura not working in fights

    hi! so if i ever try to use killaura in pvplegacy it wont like work on the player... same thing with aimassist. but it works in the lobby for some reason. i dont have limit to items on and i didn't like mess with the settings... i followed this config by Merryzz btw: i dont understand what I'm...
  2. chairboi1

    How can i inject Vape lite or vape v4 into 1.16+ (Lunar)

  3. ION

    Annoying window titlebar on the vape v4 injector

    So i wanna explain what happened first, i was going to record a clip. I started lunar client as always then i was going to inject until i realised this titlebar, it's very annoying and aesthetically disturbing. Heres a comparison of what normal vape looks like vs mine Mine: Normal:
  4. ION

    Vape v4 Hypixel Bedwars Settings Closet Cheating 100-150 ping

    Can you guys give me some good settings with a good aimassist i really need a config cause it's hard to configure and i don't know which settings bypasses
  5. I

    Config saves

    Hey whenever i inject vape i always have to delete some configs because once i added rage hvh ones and when i log into hypixel it keeps switching to those and its really scares cause i might get banned but whenever i delete it, it doesnt save for the next time so i gotta do that everytime??? how...
  6. I


    Whenever i use autoblock (manual) on autclicker and hold the button to autoblock its clicking 32 cps (right mouse button ofcourse) how do i fix that cause i dont think its normal
  7. I


    Guys is autoblock (autoclicker) safe on hypixel?
  8. I


    Guys is killaura autoblock safe on hypixel?
  9. H

    i want reset 2fa

    I've put 2fa on my vape account, but I can't log in with 2fa because my phone is being reset. help me
  10. N

    what should i use?

    hey for all of you out their using this client i would like to know what vpn you use and how you get your accounts. im pretty new to the scene but if you know anything thats good and free or free accounts like nord. please tell me thanks!
  11. 9830

    Vape lite Not Able to Inject

    Basically when i try to inject right before its done it stops responding and windows makes me close it. I tried vanilla, forge, and lunar and it didnt help. open with admin and etc. what can be the reason?
  12. S

    Website downage?

    Hey, so i have to ask, is there something wrong with the website right now? because i'm currently trying to buy it, but i'm getting a error screen. So i don't know if there is something wrong with the website or if it's on my part, because the money went through but i'm only getting a error screen
  13. Yuzuki

    Is vape gud for blatant cheating on cubecraft? (Youtube purposes)

    So ppl msg me on discord and ask me to post vids about cubecraft. Is Vape good for cubecraft in blatant cheat? if so then gud settings? please help urgent.
  14. F

    Im locked pls help

    I was locked up 2 times, if I write in those support, will I be unlocked? And if they don’t unlock, I’ll buy a vape again, they won’t lock me again, more precisely, I won’t have an IP ban
  15. E

    Best Settings For Glade.gg???

    I know Glade has a really good anticheat, and they ip ban players so testing cheats is hard. All I use right now is Aim Assit. Is AutoClicker detectable, if not, what settings should I use. I heard 95% velocity is detectable but idk. What about reach????
  16. B

    What does this mean

    What does this mean in english please. I couldnt copy and paste russian into translate. https://gyazo.com/375e75aa253ad68ed363bb1fe4255f57
  17. J

    Account Locked Help

    I went on vacations and when I arrived at my house my account was been locked,i dont understand why. (Sorry for my bad english)