banned watchdog

  1. B

    staff/wd banned on hypixel pit

    yo i got banned twice on hypixel while using vl and my settings are exeptionally legit autoclicker 12-15, manual blockhit, breaks blocks, extra randomization reach 3-3.1, only while sprinting, vertical check velo 95hz 97vr 100chance 0tickdelay, only while targeting hitbox 0.09 i have usually...
  2. S

    How not to get banned

    so if you want to ghost on hypixel heres what not to use hitboxes Any reach above 3.3 auto clicker above 18 cps kill aura velo its mega detect
  3. S

    Banned on Hypixel

    Guys can anyone explain why I got banned (150-200 ping) Settings: Aimassist clickaim,aimwhile on target,strafe increase, check block break, aim vertically , vertical speed 4 horizontal speed 8 max ange 47 max distance 5.0 Autoclicker: 13.7-17.9, inventory fill,blockhit,breakblocks,disable...
  4. Matthias

    Banned for using speed for 1 sec

    I was playing on Hypixel pit and accidentally toggled speed and got banned. But in bedwars I usually use speed for a little and dont get banned. Is there a different anticheat on the pit or somethin?
  5. E

    Im getting banned

    I dont know why Im getting banned or why Im flaggin watchdog, but it just happen when I use vape on forge, if I play vanilla mc/lunar/badlion with vape I dont get banned. Why this can be happening?? And I were just using aimassist (just horizontal, not vertical). 5 Accounts banned I use forge...
  6. B

    I got banned on Hypixel I have no idea why, here are my settings

    I got banned on Hypixel for WATCHDOG CHEAT DETECTION for 90 days which is strange cause usually when you get banned on Hypixel it's usually 30 days then a year. This leads me to suspect it could've been something else other than hacking. Here are my settings: Combat: Aim Assist (settings dont...
  7. D


  8. yanuze

    don't use chest steal at all on hypixel, it will get you banned.

    don't ever use cheststeal on hypixel and here's why. on my cheating girding account for hypixel, I've been banned for using cheststeal. I've used cheststeal with the delay of 105.0 to 175.0 I know this because I've gotten banned after opening a chest once.
  9. B

    Anyone else have been getting banned on Hypixel more frequently?

    I've been logging on like usual and for some reason, I've been getting banned much more often than I usually do, my settings are pretty legit: I'm using 3.0-3.2 reach, 89% horizontal 100% vertical 97% chance for velocity and those are the only blatant things but I'm also using much less blatant...
  10. Stalimno

    Got watchdog banned using these settings

    Aim Assist Click Aim Aim while on target Horizontal Speed 6.5 Max Angle 121 Distance 4.1 Auto Clicker Break blocks Left Click 12-16 CPS Right Click 13-16 CPS Allowed Items (right click) - blocks Auto Heal Heads Health 12 HP Delay 500 ms Reach 3.31 - 3.76 Vertical Check Only while sprinting...
  11. P

    Banned on hypixel with these settings (vape v3)

    I got watchdog ban while playing on hypixel. For these settings: Reach range 3.5-3.6 Velocity h 74.6%, v 86.9%, chance 76.0%, water check antibot on My ping is 150-160 ms And ban for these settings on hypixel, I received only after a few days of playing on the server. What banned me for? If...