1. meowmeow

    meowmeow's BLATANT Hypixel Config (UPDATED 2023)

    No longer updated but should still work. Like with any client; blatant cheating is not safe nor is it sustainable. Only use this if you're willing to risk a ban (green modules should make you last until staff, yellow might get you anticheat banned if detections changed since I last updated...
  2. overallvan

    Will autoblock (in autoclicker) get you staff'd in RSW (high elo)

  3. bwnyyy

    hypixel bhop settings release vape v4

    AntiBot (Advanced) (Remove Bots) AntiDebuff (Remove Nausea, Blindness, Slowness) Chams FastPlace (Blocks with 1.0 delay) HitBoxes (1.0) KeepSprint Killaura Target:Player APS 12.2-17.2 Switch Delay 100.0 Swing range 6.0 Attack range 6.0 Max angle 355.0 Max targets 1.0 Blatant mode- Switch Target...
  4. vinnie

    Add more settings to autoclicker blockhit vape v4 - autoblock mode

    Adding autoblock mode to vape v4's autoclicker blockhit, which automatically blockhits perfectly every hit like the module Whiteout client has. autoblock - syncs blockhits with when you hit someone instead of spamming. - addition options (toggleable): blockhit hold - time for how long...
  5. A

    Autoblock help

    can someone tell me / give me settings for autoblocking on v4, pls and ty