Whiteout vs Vape lite

Whiteout or vape lite

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The reason why i'm going to go say vape lite is because in my opinion it's the most trusted cheat in the market, I can't think of anything which Manthe has done in his developing career which doesn't make him a respectable person. Vape has been around since 2015, that's 6 years which it has been one of the leading ghost clients on the market, Vape Lite also contains many modules and features which gets updated weekly to ensure undetection both server side and client side. Whiteout is good however I feel that vape lite has a lot more respect and passion behind it, with many more years to come, Manthe also listens to his customers, the day after I contacted him requesting a username change, he made an addition to the forums which allows you to change your username, he also added banners. He always listens to our suggestions and acts accordingly, not once has Manthe has ever given me a rude response when I ask for help, thats why I prefer Vape over Whiteout.
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I d say it would be fair if u compared V4 with whiteout. SInce both have blatant features. But Vape is better simply bc the name is cooler


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Yeah but they really arent that good, they are much more customizable on whiteout, vapes doesnt really compare
Having extra useless settings for block hitting doesn’t make it better. Auto mode on blockhit for vape lite has always worked miles better for me compared to other clients, I highly prefer it. I’ve seen others say the same as well but I suppose it’s preference