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Where delete vape logs on pc?

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by IgOdonPvP, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. IgOdonPvP

    IgOdonPvP New Member

    Can you tell me where is folder of logs vape.How to delete?
  2. Tunahh

    Tunahh New Member

    Pretty sure if you self destruct it will erase it
  3. IgOdonPvP

    IgOdonPvP New Member

    I got frezze and ss on pvptemple and staff find me vape logs.Vape v3 i self it
  4. rofl

    rofl Well-Known Member

    vape v3 = server without ss
    vape lite = server with ss
  5. LukeWalker

    LukeWalker Member

    Vape v3 = hypixel
    Vape Lite = VeltPvP and FaithFulmc (not minemen club cuz they’ll ban you off logs)
  6. OwoOwo

    OwoOwo New Member

    He asked for logs how to delete them lol
  7. Anna

    Anna Member

    They will probably be stored in the prefetch & registry
  8. xSxdistic

    xSxdistic Member

    its possible to bypass with vape lite on mmc
    u just need to know how to hide it properly
  9. LukeWalker

    LukeWalker Member

    A lot of times they ban you without a ss on mmc if you are setting off logs, no points in using stuff like reach because reach doesn't bypass mmc, also they can just run a banwave and they'll ban you that's why the only thing you should use is autoclicker tbh.

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