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Vape v4 injectable into badlion?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by levi_9_0_3, Jun 9, 2020.

  1. levi_9_0_3

    levi_9_0_3 New Member

    is vape v4 injectable into badlion?
  2. real

    real Member

  3. LagPixel

    LagPixel Active Member

    Yes, but can crash.
  4. xSxdistic

    xSxdistic Member

    Yea it works but I've crashed multiple times while using vape v4 on BLC so it could get annoying
  5. RamenChickenFlavor

    RamenChickenFlavor New Member

    Yes, a way to fix the crashes is to just load into a game THEN inject btw.
  6. Baguette69

    Baguette69 Active Member

    Only 1.8.9
  7. PrendMonSud

    PrendMonSud Member

    Yeah , in 1.8.9 but turn BAC to off if you dont want to be banned
  8. rofl

    rofl Well-Known Member

    We can't turn it off lol, just don't join a non bac protected server.
  9. PrendMonSud

    PrendMonSud Member

    Personally its never enabled cause i dont have cliqued on "restart my computer for enable bac" , so every time i launch badlion client he ask me to do it
  10. Baguette69

    Baguette69 Active Member

    But you can't go on bac servers then
  11. PrendMonSud

    PrendMonSud Member

    Yes, but you get banned if you join a bac server with vape so

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