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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by xWeeze, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. xWeeze

    xWeeze New Member

    is vape lite better then v3?
    i have currently v3 whats the diffrence?
  2. rofl

    rofl Well-Known Member

    Vape lite is the best client to bypass ss, vape v3 isn't guaranteed ssproof.

    Vape lite has only the essentials features.
    Vape v3 has much features (blatant & closet)
  3. Saprix

    Saprix Active Member

    If you don't care about getting banned or people know that you're cheating, pick Vape v3

    If you want to closet cheat and you're looking to look better at the game without being caught, pick vape lite
  4. xWeeze

    xWeeze New Member

    okay thx for the replies.
  5. Saprix

    Saprix Active Member

    Vape v3 : Fun guarantee and usefull features for server that doesn't ss or servers where you don't care about being banned.

    Vape Lite : Essential ghost features for servers that ss people
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