Vape lite not really undetectable?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by depletingcoins, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. depletingcoins

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    Pls excuse my ignorance I'm new to this & would like to be educated.

    After looking on this forum I've noticed that a lot of people, "prepare their systems" or do certain things to prevent vape lite from being found in screenshare like stopping windows storing stuff in prefetch, disabling memory compression etc. I was under the impression that vape lite itself is undetectable and upon self destruct or deletion its as if the system is clean. Even if the system is meant to be prepped and for some reason isn't implied before purchase, I'd expect a tutorial written by a senior member of staff somewhere on the forum with step by step instructions on how to prepare for a screenshare other than a guide on how to remove lite after getting frozen (which I'm not sure there is either). Isn't the whole point of paying for vape lite for it to be undetectable in ss without the average inexperienced user having to mess around with system shit themselves and users having to guess on how to prepare?

    Any responses are appreciated.
  2. jeffhead

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    you dont have to do anything yourself, when people disable all the shit on their system or whatever thats all redundant. usually the only thing you should actually do is rename the file. its undetectable because there’s no strings to be found in java which is how you find every other client, everything outside of Minecraft doesn’t actually prove anything it just might show you ran a file with a weird name which some staff might ban over
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    Add me on discord Glenn#1404 if you need help so i can explain what u gotta do to bypass a ss.
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  4. WonderIf

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    You don't need anything other than unsigned vape lite and have the option to delete on self destruct and you are good to go. Also some servers do check for your browsing history and downloads so clear anything related to vape from your downloads and your browsing history. DON'T delete anything after you get frozen just self destruct with delete option. DON'T use other clients before using vape lite such as vape v3 as they leave traces until you restart the computer.
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    Thanks for all replies.

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