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Vape Lite Autoclicker

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Juab, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. Juab

    Juab New Member

    I normally use my auto clicker on vape lite at 10-14. I was messing around on a server and put my settings on 15-19 and my sword seemed to be clicking one second and then not clicking at all the next. This kept happening regularly and whenever my sword wasn`t swinging it would not hit the player. Anyone else experience the same issue and how can I fix?
  2. Noptin

    Noptin Member

    Probably the server NoCheat or something blocking the packets
  3. Saprix

    Saprix Active Member

    Lol i have same problem. It happens for me on 1.8.9 and higher versions.
    It's not happening for me on 1.7.10
    Is it happening for you on 1.7.10 ?
  4. Fronix

    Fronix Member

    Are you using any client side antycheat? for example badlion (it can blocks)
  5. rofl

    rofl Well-Known Member

    If you have an old animation mod it's normal.
  6. Juab

    Juab New Member

    I use forge 1.8.9
  7. Juab

    Juab New Member

    yeah I use 1.8.9, I would tell you if it was working with 1.7.10 but my game crashes on anything besides 1.8.9 for some reason right now.
  8. Juab

    Juab New Member

    The game crashed whilst initializing game
    Error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: bna
  9. Juab

    Juab New Member

    I tried using 18-20 autoclicker on single player and it did the same thing
  10. xSxdistic

    xSxdistic Member

    I'm not sure but I've heard that OldAnimationsMod interferes with the proper functioning of vape, so that may very well be the problem as well
    Also, if you're using LabyMod with forge, that could be the cause of the problem as well
    Just letting you know that if you're having issues injecting vape, contact vape @
    forums is not meant to be used as a help desk for client related issues
  11. Rases

    Rases Active Member

    I think you still send swing packets to the server as well attack packets. It looks like you are not swing fast enough as your cps should do is probably due to 1.8’s swing animation change.

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