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Questions about vape lite

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hotboy8912, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. Hotboy8912

    Hotboy8912 New Member

    This was originally in off topic but i thought it'd be more appropriate if i moved it here.

    1. Can i send a one time payment for a month of vape lite? (no recurring payments, ends after one month)

    2. What are some major differences between vape lite and vape v3?

    3. Would vape lite be more efficient for closet cheating than vape v3?

    4. I usually hack on servers like hypixel, should i use vape lite or vape v3 for this?

    Edit: What is MantheClicker?

    That is all, thanks.
  2. Daruh

    Daruh Active Member

    1- yes
    2- Vape lite - Closet cheating screen share proof. Vape v3 - Closet and blatant cheating, not screen share proof
    3- No, whatever vape lite do vape v3 can do (unless SS proof)
    4- both are equaly good but vape v3 its a little better cause of antibot and the variety of the features
    5- Its an autoclicker that you only can get if you buy vape lite.
  3. Hotboy8912

    Hotboy8912 New Member

    Alright, thanks.
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  4. James

    James Retired Customer Support

    You can cancel your subscription at any time at So, you can set up your subscription, then just cancel it immediately after letting it charge you once. You will keep whatever time you have paid for, and whenever that time's up we will not charge you again (if you cancel your subscription).

    Vape Lite has only the essential "combat" features. It is best for users who play on servers that screenshare suspected cheaters. Vape V3 has many more hacks than Vape Lite does, and it is also host to our "Blatant Modules", which are some very fun hacks you can use on popular servers such as KillAura, Fly, etc. I would recommend that you purchase Vape Lite if you are a sweaty PvP nerd who absolutely must not get caught, and purchase Vape V3 if you like the idea of cheating blatantly while bypassing Anti Cheats.

    See above.

    Use V3.

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