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Pay using paysafecard

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by 2am, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. 2am

    2am New Member

    i want to buy 45 day access to vape lite, but i saw directly paying with paysafecard (i have no other way of paying) is not an option, so is there any way to pay using psc?
  2. starroad100

    starroad100 Member

    Go into support and click alternate payment method.
  3. QuzFlips

    QuzFlips Member

    Either find a reseller,or contact support
  4. 2am

    2am New Member

    aight thanks, I'll do that
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  5. PrendMonSud

    PrendMonSud Member

    Hey, contact support at
  6. HenriXVI

    HenriXVI Member

    step bros
  7. KilerKraftYT

    KilerKraftYT Member

    Reselling is against the tos
  8. QuzFlips

    QuzFlips Member

    My ass
  9. PrendMonSud

    PrendMonSud Member

    Its true

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