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Notes season settings

Discussion in 'Settings' started by Justin.J, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. Justin.J

    Justin.J New Member

    I desperately want notes for this season sooo.... Do you have any quite good settings like semi blatant ones for diamond this season? I am pretty sure note is the hardest season to get diamond so.. I would like to be mostly suggested for reach settings or ka settings. I don't really care if you can pretty much tell I'm cheating in the 3rd pov. My ping is decently high, like 200-300.
  2. sdadssa

    sdadssa Member

    Bro idk I use v3 ac when 1500pts I max reach 3.1-3.2 bec I 200ms wanna be safe and kB 89.9hoz don’t chNge anything and then idk I used 03timer before but idk will it work anymore
  3. sdadssa

    sdadssa Member

    Don’t use ka

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