Legit Aura + Aim Mode Anti-Cheat: How Legit They are on Hypixel?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rases, Feb 4, 2020.

  1. Rases

    Rases Member

    I know these are currently pretty undetectable ka modules in terms of watchdog ( using on my main/secondary main).

    But now the replay system come out, I worry that I would be much more likely to get banned by a mod tracing back my gameplay. Also, since the system will eventually be open to players, I worry that I will be hackuated a lot since people can go back time to find even tiny traces and secrects that I actually cheat in some way “blatant”. For someone that is semi-famous/famous in some community, that is a thing you should expect people to do (and yes, I have been secretly using ka in a somewhat competitive game without people noticing LOL)

    So, my question is, how legit it is in (server side) first person/second person/third person point of views if I have legit aura + anti-cheat on my killaura setting? Do I “head snap” or do other things that are very suspicious in game? (Let’s leave other ka settings rn, but I can tell you I use 14-15.9 aps, 5 swing range, 3.7 attack range, 45 max angle on my main)
  2. NotABot

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    Hey, im playing on a german server server with a good anticheat and a replay System (everyone can watch, moderators and players). Im playing with reach : 3.0-3.25 and 0.16 hitbox. If i get hard enemys i use legit aura (3.5 range) but just for 1-2 hits, then i toggle it off again, it looks legit, u dont move ur head or sth like that, i never got banned
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  3. TerribleCheater

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    You might use the most safe settings for KA, but in the end you have to realize that it’s an extremely blatant module.
    KA is supposed to just hit people around you without you looking at them, so it looks pretty suspicious already.
    Also, your reach for KA is set to 3.7- that’s pretty noticeable
    I don’t know why you would use KA on your main, but I suggest switching to more legit modules (AimAssist/Autoclicker)
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  4. Rases

    Rases Member

    I need some more info
  5. Doge869

    Doge869 New Member

    What server?
  6. NotABot

    NotABot Member

    rewinside.tv, gomme.hd

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