i need ranked skywars settings to make it in diamond division

Discussion in 'Settings' started by SadLuck, Mar 27, 2020 at 8:19 AM.

  1. SadLuck

    SadLuck New Member

    without getting banned so i can use it on my main
  2. that one person

    that one person New Member

    i used these settings to get diamond division 3 times in a row and i rarely got hackusated
    keep in mind you also need to have good game sense to get diamond division

    autoclicker: 10-15 cps
    right click on
    item whitelist for blocks
    break blocks on

    reach: 3.1 - 3.5 with misplace off

    aimassist: i dont use that but you can use something like 5 or 6 horizontal if you need help with ur aim
    max angle is ur fov

    velocity: 85% horizontal, 100% vertical, 90% chance

    hitboxes: 0.1

    render settings are optional

    good luck on diamond division btw
  3. SadLuck

    SadLuck New Member

    isn't 0.1 hitboxes 2 much?
    I use 3,6-3,8 reach is that alot?
    i have 200ms+
  4. that one person

    that one person New Member

    0.1 hitboxes isnt that much
    3.6 - 3.8 is obvious even if you have 200+ ms but you can use something like 3.3- 3.6
  5. Dual

    Dual Active Member

    get bigger brain
  6. xpqndq

    xpqndq New Member

    Maybe go for 0.08 hitboxes to be on the safe side. Also 3.6 being the lowest reach you can get is pretty obvious especially if logs show that you only get hits 3.6 or longer.

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