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How to use MantheClicker on Windows 7

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Saprix, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. Saprix

    Saprix Active Member

    Yo guys.

    So this tutorial is for people who want to use MantheClicker but who are not on windows 10. It's very simple.

    Step 1 : Press Windows + R
    Step 2 : Type %appdata%
    Step 3 : Go to .minecraft
    Step 4 : Ok so now what you have to do is to select "options.txt" and "optionsof.txt" and put them on your desk ( do not copy them, move them ).
    Step 5 : Download MantheClicker and open it and it should work.
    Step 6 : Once your MantheClicker is opened, you can now take your options.txt and optionsof.txt and move them to your .minecraft.
    Step 7 : Launch Minecraft

    Here you are.
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  2. Zweds

    Zweds New Member

    i must have alzeimers cus ion member askin
  3. Saprix

    Saprix Active Member

  4. Zweds

    Zweds New Member

    ur mom
  5. Saprix

    Saprix Active Member

    Why are you trashtalking ?
  6. Zweds

    Zweds New Member

    blow me kiddo
  7. kerza

    kerza Member

    He’s trying to be funny
  8. Dual

    Dual Well-Known Member

    thanks now i can use it on my outdated os with multiple viruses
  9. Saprix

    Saprix Active Member

  10. WonderIf

    WonderIf Active Member

    Its weird that these files affect MantheClicker, but thanks for the guide
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  11. Saprix

    Saprix Active Member

    Yeah it's weird but it works lmao. Btw i'm finally not anymore on w7

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