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Help with hypixel settings

Discussion in 'Settings' started by sirefull, Jul 10, 2020.

  1. sirefull

    sirefull New Member

    Ok so today i got watchdog banned (Hypixel) and i'm not really sure why.

    I get around 110MS, these were my settings:

    Click aim
    Aim while on target
    Block Break
    Horizontal speed 5.0
    Max angle 108
    Distance 3.5

    break blocks
    min cps: 13
    max cps: 16
    Right click mode:
    min cps 12
    max cps 16

    3.24 to 3.5


    Horizontal 86%
    chance 100%
    vertical 100%

    delay 90

    Expand 0.2

    Legit Scasffold:
    173 - 192 delay

    Check in menu
    Best only
    delay 145 - 175

    Is there anything here that would be getting me banned?
  2. Jrk

    Jrk New Member

    It should be the autoclicker velocity and reach. You have them too blatant in my opinion
  3. Lautaro

    Lautaro Active Member

    Probably it was Either ChestSteal or Hitboxes.
  4. Zarko

    Zarko New Member

    It was velocity, I know for a fact watchdog can detect it. I've been banned 3 times because of it. I simply don't use it anymore.
  5. kittycola_

    kittycola_ New Member

    I've used 0% horizontal velocity for months now and im completely fine lol
  6. Lautaro

    Lautaro Active Member

    You probably modified vertical velocity lol, hypixel can't detect horizontal velocity.
  7. Lautaro

    Lautaro Active Member

    well thats an easy staff ban dude you literally take 0 knockback using that
  8. Baguette69

    Baguette69 Active Member

    Hitboxes, use 0.1
  9. woahvicky

    woahvicky Active Member

    I haven't gotten auto banned from 0.2
  10. Bob The Nob

    Bob The Nob Member

    Watchdog can't detect a hit angle you fucking idiot

    He was using SCAFFOLD, CHEST-STEALER & W-TAP. It was either scaffold or the chest-stealer.
  11. kittycola_

    kittycola_ New Member

    woah, calm down there bob
  12. Baguette69

    Baguette69 Active Member

    You are trolling ?
  13. KilerKraftYT

    KilerKraftYT Member

    Hitboxes , use 0.05. any other settings can get u banned. Maybe reach , use 3.2-3.3
  14. Don

    Don New Member

    Will you get banned easily by watchdog? If you use not blatant hacks
  15. KilerKraftYT

    KilerKraftYT Member

    With the settings i gave , i guaranty ur not getting banned
  16. Kane

    Kane Active Member

    Velocity. Especially if you weren't using only while targeting. Don't listen to the absolute brainlets above me.
  17. HenriXVI

    HenriXVI Member

    thats some renegade
  18. HenriXVI

    HenriXVI Member

  19. HenriXVI

    HenriXVI Member

    bro stfu
  20. sdadssa

    sdadssa Member

    Imagin 99.9 velocity hoz

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