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Dec '15
Friends update

The purpose of this update is the introduction of Vape Friends.

This will allow you to privately add your friends who are also using Vape.

What are Vape Friends?

Prior to this update, the friends feature in Vape was simply a list of text, usernames that would be excluded from certain modules, or to be able to better distinguish certain users through visuals modules.
This concept still exists in its entirety, but is now referred to as "Minecraft Friends".

Vape Friends however is an online version of this, which allows you to interact with your friends that are also using Vape.

How do Vape Friends work?

The first step of using Vape Friends is creating your Vape Online profile. You can completely opt out of using this feature and stick to using Minecraft Friends if desired.

Registration is simple. You will just be prompted for your desired username. You can then give your username to your friends so that they can add you.

Once you've accepted a friend request, you'll be able to see them in your Vape Friends list.
If a friend is currently using Vape you'll be able to see that they're online, and their status:

Note that you should only add friends that you trust already. This is intended to be used privately, between close friends only.

A user's status will show their current Minecraft account, and their current server. You can opt out of showing these in your privacy settings.

If you enable "Sync with friends" on a user, it will automatically sync their current Minecraft account into your Minecraft friends.
This way you will never need to manually add their Minecraft account(s), they will automatically be added:


You can also open your chat with a friend to privately message them.


If you are in-game near a friend, you can ping a location and your friends or party members will be able to see where you pinged.

A main feature included with Vape Friends are parties. Parties allow you to get together 2-8 people into a party to better coordinate with each other in game.


Each party member will have a unique color assigned to them. This color is used to better distinguish the member in various places:


Pings are colored according to their corresponding party member color.
A colored dot will show above the head of party members.
When a party member is attacking someone, that target will be highlighted in game so that you can assist your party member.

Party overlay
With the party overlay, you'll be able to see the party members near you in game, and information about them.
This includes:
  • Vape username and Minecraft username
  • Player location
  • Accurate health, resistant from server health spoofing
  • Equipment and held item
  • Full inventory data. All items in users inventory including enchants, durability, etc.
    You can retain your inventory privacy in settings if desired
  • CPS counter & Mouse stroke



Will servers know that I'm using Vape Friends?
Nope. All information is exchanged between you and Vape servers directly, same as authentication. It is impossible to any servers to know you're using any of these features.

When will this be released?
We will be slowly rolling this out to users in stages in order to test the stability of this system.
You may see this feature avalible in your client shortly but unable to use it without a beta key.
Beta keys will be given out initially over the forums to select members. Eventually keys will be distributed through other avenues. Once the system is stable the feature will be avalible to all users without requiring a key.

Finishing notes:
There is much to make use of already, but be aware that this is just the initial base. Vape Friends can provide countless features for interaction between Vape users in game. Gradually things will be added to it as needed, feel free to suggest any features that could make use of Vape Friends.

As well, Vape Friends is built off of a new online system which was necessary for Vape Friends to exist. It will be used for other large features in Vape that are entirely new concepts, which are in progress.
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