Forum Rules


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Dec '15
  1. Nothing illegal according to United States law
  2. Don't post porn/gore (neither media or text related)
  3. No abusing text formatting to increase message or signature size
  4. No threatening, suicide encouragement, etc(even if it's intended as a joke)
  5. No gravedigging/necroposting
  6. You can be toxic but if its unfunny you are getting banned
  7. No advertising
  8. Ban evading will just get you banned longer or permanently
  9. Do not create new threads to request help with the client or to report issues. Contact support at
  10. No suggesting that Vape V4 is a blatant client (including implying blatant oriented through legacy terms such as hybrid, etc)
These are general guidelines but it’s at our discretion to ban you from the forums for any reason.
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