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Feature Suggestion: Target Mode

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Rases, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. Rases

    Rases Active Member

    So basically my imagination is, we need to have a module that let player to define their attack priority for killaura/aimassist.

    In other words, we need a module with keybind that let player to choose their priority target, namely, when you press the key to a player, the client prioritize the attack to that player. Also, it would be good to have a ESP around the player you are pointing when the Target module is enabled so that you can conveniently choose the target (a good visualization of this ESP is like Sombra in overwatch, when you point someone with your crosshair, there will be a red square around that opponent, so you choose to hack that player). An different ESP color for targeted player would be a nice thing.

    Also, we sometimes want to target the opponent with the least health, so that we can get kills obviously, so this module should have some option like auto-target least health player/least armor player.

    Ps: I am not sure if this can be achieved by current v3 modules, well don't blame me if v3's power is beyond what I am aware.
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  2. Rases

    Rases Active Member

    This could potentially make vape significantly more powerful and comfortable to use than other clients in the market. Again I don’t know if any other client have this sort of feature, I just assume that they don’t because even v3 don’t have it
  3. James

    James Retired Customer Support

    This is a good idea, I will add it to our suggestions list. What are some things we could use for KillAura target priority? Health is obviously one of them. Distance to player? Maybe we can make it so a ctrl-middle-click of a player would set them as the opposite of a "friend", an enemy, and they will be targeted first when KillAura has a couple different choices for who it should be targeting.
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  4. Rases

    Rases Active Member

    Here are something that come to my mind:
    1. Lowest/highest health
    2. Lowest/highest defense: Armor Amount, protection amount, resistance level, etc
    3. Lowest/highest threat: weapon attack damage, strength effect level, swiftness effect level, etc (sometimes you want to attack the most threatening player to prevent them from actually destroying you, other times you might want to avoid irritating these players)
    4. Lowest/highest damage dealt: the player who dealt the most/least damage, the player who sent the most/least attack packets to you, the player who registered the most attacks to you, etc.

    Also, you could even let the user to customize their priority list or choose between something like [enemy chosen by hand mode/priority list mode]
  5. Daruh

    Daruh Active Member

  6. Rases

    Rases Active Member

    Some Overwatch Sombra gameplay for you guys to understand what I mean by saying “ESP around player”
  7. Rases

    Rases Active Member

  8. Efbiai99

    Efbiai99 Member

    Nice! +1
  9. Dual

    Dual Well-Known Member

    good idea i can't wait to use this in my league o flegends games!
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