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Does ESP bypass?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ApexWasabi, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. ApexWasabi

    ApexWasabi New Member

    does ESP with all settings on bypass watchdog?
  2. DripOrDrown

    DripOrDrown Member

    idk if this is a joke, but all visual modules doesn't do anything serverside so yes it ill bypass any anticheat lol
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  3. ApexWasabi

    ApexWasabi New Member

    Thx and for reach for I need only while sprinting and water check? I use 3-3.1 reach and for velocity do I need to do anything? I use 95% 100% 100% and no additional settings
  4. svxl

    svxl Member

    i use 84% velocity, 3.38 reach for about 3 months and no ban, so u should be good. also 10-14cps autoclicker. (all visuals bypass)
  5. GodOfGraves

    GodOfGraves Active Member

    ezp no bypas
  6. processos

    processos Member

    esp will get you banned by watchdog, don't use it
  7. badcheater

    badcheater New Member

    esp is an instant ban, got patched years ago theyre working on patching cps mod atm
  8. atry

    atry New Member

    esp is not an instant ban tf u mean ive used esp on hypixel forever with tracers and nametags. no ban for me.
  9. Spefix_420

    Spefix_420 Member

    he's clearly fucking joking
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  10. PrendMonSud

    PrendMonSud Member

    Hey, ESP is just a visual hack, its nothing server side, you can turn it on
  11. HenriXVI

    HenriXVI Member

  12. PrendMonSud

    PrendMonSud Member

    And one day , they will ban for having a texture pack
  13. Spefix_420

    Spefix_420 Member

    they already do, they detect xray texture packs so be careful!
  14. PrendMonSud

    PrendMonSud Member

    Oh my god!!! So much violence in staff xD
  15. HenriXVI

    HenriXVI Member

    lmao i really wanna sex u
  16. woahvicky

    woahvicky Active Member

    sex with dog
  17. svxl

    svxl Member

  18. igrind4Lif3

    igrind4Lif3 New Member

    this thread is fucked LOL

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