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CheatBreaker Offline with Vape Lite

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Vaxp, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. Vaxp

    Vaxp New Member


    I was wondering if you could make Vape Lite work with CheatBreaker Offline, It could get a huge boost to your client like what happened when you made Vape Lite compatible with Badlion Client.
    It would be awesome.
  2. Noptin

    Noptin Member

    Inch resting
  3. Nwr442146

    Nwr442146 New Member

    I already made a post about that, I keep on bumping it hoping for a reply. I doubt they'll make it work with CB Offline since its kind of shady since it's not official. You should ask for Lunar offline instead
  4. Fronix

    Fronix Member

    Yeah, but remember lunar even offline block hits above 3.00 so reach won't work.
  5. Nwr442146

    Nwr442146 New Member

    no they dont
  6. Fronix

    Fronix Member

    cool client, what version of coocklord you use??
    cucklord or cuckghost??
  7. Nwr442146

    Nwr442146 New Member

    thats beside the point
  8. lolw0tm8

    lolw0tm8 Member


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