1. idied2daysago

    visual stuff

    can visual stuff get me banned? (ik it sounds stupid but i d c)
  2. Lakymko

    Help me please

    I want to buy vape but idk any good codes other than lakymko, please help (also why tf did they remove noslow since its not a useless module even for a ghost client thats semi blatant)
  3. S

    Every Vape Version Downloads

    Does anyone know how I can possibly get every Vape Version? And I mean every Vape Version? Even the first Vape Lite
  4. S

    Vape Lite on newest Minecraft versions?

    Is it somehow possible to get Vape Lite working on the newest Minecraft versions? I know there is ViaForge but I just don't wanna use that.
  5. kms

    silent killaura improvements

    add an autoblock mode that works like autoblocking with normal ka add a way to disable raytracing
  6. L

    velocity jump reset mode

    what is velocity jump reset mode ?
  7. SynXen

    Vape On Sonoyuncu & Craftrise

    I'm thinking of buying Vape V4 or Vape Lite if it works on Sonoyuncu ( or Craftrise ( The thing is both of these servers have its own launcher. I'm asking because some time ago i saw Vape Lite was working on Craftrise. Please reply if you...
  8. V

    The Hellvape Dead Rabbit MTL RTA

    The Hellvape Dead Rabbit MTL RTA is a great option for vapers who are looking for a flavorful and easy-to-use RTA for MTL vaping. Features: It is a rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA) designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping. It features a postless ceramic deck that can accommodate either a mesh...
  9. AsparkOwler

    What does Strafe do and is it safe?

  10. Exx96

    desktop application vape icon

    idk if im allowed to post this but i just made a few icons bc i was sick of looking at the windows default application icon Vape Circle.png and Vape Square.png are slightly less blurry- unless you have a high res monitor i wouldnt recommend using Vape V4 Circle.png or Vape V4 Square.png steps...
  11. Himself

    Best blocksmc config

    I made the best config for blocksmc that will make you never you get watchdog or staff banned Autoclicker: 7-14 Aim assist: horizontal 10 Reach: 3.7-3.7 100% chance | Make sure to always sprint while attacking and don't go slow or you might get watch dog banned Keep Sprting: ON velocity...
  12. Лето Тесака

    Vape lite injection badion crash stuck at 8/11

    damn, I played well, but suddenly I couldn't work anymore. I couldn't inject it, stuck here all the time, and collapsed
  13. Лето Тесака

    How to save config for vapelite

    Vapelite resets directly every time it injects, what should I do to solve it =(
  14. pop

    Can I get banned for flying in Hypixel Housing?

    I'm playing with Vape V4 on main account and sometimes when I get really bored I just go and play some hypixel housing parkour maps. I'm wondering if I can get banned for flying on those parkour houses if nobody see me using fly?
  15. vope

    what client i should choose ?

    hello guys !im new here could you guys give me some suggests ? i have no idea how to choose the client when i use vape to hypixel should i download lunar BLC type shit? or just click normal mc.exe? real appreciate any anwser ! have a good day :D
  16. W

    Mineplex Gladiators config.

    I have seen the previous posts on this, but now Vape has Backtrack, Timer and a new Killaura, I don't know how to config it. Thanks! Something that won't be picked up by AC pls, coz I don't have an alt XD...
  17. PapyDeLInternet


    Mante, please update AutoBlockin ,and i love u😍
  18. mortal69ysf

    Vape not opening

    Vape opens but not showing up at my screen, It looks like this. (Green line is the vape)
  19. xyzDG

    What is everyone doing today

    Personally im cheating on what are my cheating friends up to?
  20. Sulfux_

    Vape Lite on Badlion Client

    Hey everyone ! I have a problem with Vape Lite on Badlion Client. When i inject Vape Lite on Badlion Client, sometime he crash. When he didn't crash, when i self destruct Vape Lite (close the VapeLite), Badlion he crash. Thanks you for your help, Sulfux_