Mar 25, 2004 (Age: 18)
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Heres some actual good advice if youre new to vape forums:

1. dont spam people with "kys" or being racist without valid reason as you will be basically targeted on sight by actually mature people on vape forums (very little are)
2. use your common sense and don't be a dumbass, if you need help with support do not waste time via making a forum post about it and complaining like tenebrous, the forums are NOT a helpdesk, its a community. If you need help with support, go to
3. having jokes even when harassing is fine occasionally, but do not take it too far and dont do it too often otherwise it will backfire on you
4. Don't threaten to DDoS / dox in general, its just a red line never to cross besides it can very easily backfire
5. being mature will not only keep a bit extra sanity in your degenerate self, but will also help you likely not get flamed by genuinely good people on the forums

6. Don't be a dick for no reason especially if you had just registered, you will regret it in the long run.

Moral of my signature: Since you're here forever, try to have common sense and enjoy the forums while you still can.

feel free to copy my signature except this (and credit me) to spread this shit across the forums so we can have like less braindead people



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