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Jan '21

Not trying to make this like a big deal or anything (I already know you haters are ready to type a paragraph about me posting this) I’m making this just to thank a few people I talked to on here.

If you’re curious at all as to why I’m quitting now I have a few reasons:

1. The 1.8 multiplayer scene is dying

2. Most of the people left in the community are really weird

3. I’m close to starting 2nd year in college and will actually be taking life things seriously.

I want to thank all of the following people on here for being cool, funny, or just made me learn something.

The OGs:

@rofl (#1 on messages is still your title lol)

@vec. (miss you bro)

@Goddamnt (miss you too)

@Andros (bonzi op)

@Alexx (always interesting to talk to u)

@Artificial (Slovakia, bonzi revolution lol)

@ukm (I didn’t interact with you much but you made me laugh a few times lol)

As Of Recent:

@meowmeow (best femboy)

@pogama (dog pfps >)

@Yeah_Jack (made the v4 resource guide so I didn’t have to repeat myself on threads lol)

The Trolls:

@ICryalgial (forums presidency lmao)

@JSPeg8 (started the extreme trolling culture)

@Shucks (toy chica thread)

@grubciu888 (rip toy chica)

@SamTheSweat (insert cat picture)

Finally, of course thanks to @Manthe @Zeus and everyone else on the team for creating the client and making everyone better at Minecraft and be able to pull infinite egirls (that’s a joke)

Hopefully I didn’t miss anyone, even if I did you know who you are. Thanks for everything <3

“It’s not cheating if you don’t get caught!”
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goodbye king


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Feb '24
Fuck bro. Actually sad. R.I.P i cant stand out by being a retard cuz there is no normal ppl on the forums left. @pogama tho ig
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Feb '22
I know it's been like 1 month since you said this shit, but I'll miss you IncognitoDoge. You helped multiple people like myself when we needed to ask a question on the forums.. AND one of the rare specimen of individuals who don't act retarded and sped unironically.

Godspeed o7